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One of the most overlooked networking resources for singers is volunteerism. Now we’re not talking about volunteering strictly to make business connections. It’s important to note that the selfless causes, bigger picture concerns, and community activities reveal a lot about your passions and purpose in life.

Passion + Purpose

Each passion and purpose plays a part in defining your performer persona. So, even if you don’t get the chance to sing with headliners at a global warming concert, it affords you some hands on experience in working for something that is positive, that impacts others, and builds character.

Volunteering can provide opportunities for you to learn about the planning of special events and ways that singing can be used to entertain, inform, enlighten, and even help with healing and recovery. Your volunteer efforts can also prove to be personally and creatively inspiring.

Reach Out To Connect

Volunteerism in its simplest form is reaching out to make a positive difference. In many way your affirm hope and validate real struggle. These are incredible tools for a singer to take to heart. And singing, at its highest purpose, serves to make a difference, provide an escape, release joy and pain that might otherwise go unrealized.

Become A Better Communicator

So, here’s what we suggest. Get actively involved as a volunteer. Look for ways to gain a greater understanding of and compassion for others because in that process you will become a better communicator. And always be grateful for the pain, pressure, joy, and satisfaction that the volunteer experience brings you.

Close To Your Heart

Look for causes and concerns that are close to your heart. For example, maybe you want to work with young children and maybe you didn’t like school. That’s the perfect profile for becoming a mentor. Start by recalling one teacher (like Brett Manning, for example) that inspires you to engage your very best. Start with the causes that are close to your personal experience, but then allow for something that is foreign to you, even a little scary. Use your favorite teacher as your role model for mentoring.

Go Out On A Limb

Look for something you know has the potential to truly be life changing for you. Once again, the experience will make you a better, stronger, more caring person. Pushing through to reach out and connect with others will naturally help to strengthen those communication skills you need to engage as a successful singer and performer.

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