The Unlimited Potential Of Ongoing Training

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey was initially published in 1989, and quickly served as a blueprint for many executives and entrepreneurs on building character, commitment, confidence, cooperation and integrity. It has since sold an estimated 22 million copies in nearly 40 languages since first publication. Covey’s approach stresses embracing principles of character and ethics in the pursuit of all goals in life, both personal and professional.

A Sense of Interdependence

When effectively engaged and cultivated, these seven habits or principles move an individual from a state of dependency to a sense of independence to a desired lifestyle of healthy, balanced interdependence. Once interdependence becomes second nature, then the ability to refresh, revive, reinvent, or rejuvenate is readily available as required or desired.

These habits apply to you as a singer, performer, singer-songwriter, musician, manager, coach, teacher, or booking agent…the applications and possibilities are universal.

First Things First

The first three habits focus on moving from a state of being dependent to a sense of independence and self-confidence. These habits are to be proactive, to begin with a predetermined end in mind, and to put first things first.

In other words you need to answer three critical questions: what do you want to accomplish? What are your priorities? And, what do you need to do to reach the goals you’ve set to help you get what you want to accomplish?

Let’s say your initial goal is that you simply want to sing better or maybe you want to increase your range. Or it may be as simple as you want to learn how to sing. So, your initial stage of dependency requires training to help you get to know your voice, to discover your strengths, style, range, colors, textures, level of fitness, and other mysteries.

Break + Shake Bad Habits

It’s also a time when you identify and break bad habits. It’s a period of discovering unique strengths and potential power. You become initially dependent on the training. As you see and hear and feel results, and get positive feedback, you begin to feel more confident and self-assured.

The proactive element comes with choosing the right vocal coach and the right support tools for training such as Mastering Mix or Singing Success. Your priorities are set as you engage your training. Then, as your comfort level and confidence grows, priorities will likely shift to some degree. But you’re also engaged in meeting that initial goal or goals, the end result. You’re in the process of or pursuit of becoming a stronger or better singer.

Perfect Practice

At some point you begin to notice that perfecting practice has become part of your daily routine. You are naturally beginning to set goals as a singer whether it’s related to training, networking, getting gigs, auditioning, or finding a band. And the desire to expand, branch out, and grow is getting naturally stronger.

You also notice that because of the proper training you’re receiving you are becoming more naturally proactive. You’re better at setting priorities, and you’re much more goal-oriented without having to be told what you should do. In other words, the training is helping you to become more trusting of your gift and therefore more self-reliant and independent.

Circles Of Connection

This signals your move into a sense of the need for interdependence. You begin to understand the need for circles of connection for networking, more training, moral support, finding opportunities to perform, and even further developing your craft and skills as a singer, musician, performer, composer, business person, or some combination of those.

Interdependent Spirit

This spirit of interdependence is represented by three habits that heighten or optimize opportunities that require resources outside of yourself. You need to think in terms of a win-win for all parties involved in every professional and personal relationship or set of circumstances. You also need to set out to understand a person or situation before attempting or demanding to be understood by others. And, you need to learn that the sum total of the parts or parties involved in a process is far greater, has more potential, and more positive impact than any one individual.

Many Hands

In other words, your solo act requires many helping hands to raise it to its optimum level of complete reception, full appreciation, and highest excellence. Many hands working together can do far greater work, better quality work, and can reach farther and touch more people than any one individual ever can. And remember many hands ultimately equal thunderous applause.

And, never forget that part of what makes this lifestyle of interdependence thrive is a commitment to ongoing training. You need your vocal coach and support tools to keep yourself at the top of your game, so you can continue to give your very best, while exploring the full potential of your unique voice and other gifts.

Sharpening Skills

Covey’s seventh habit is referred to as sharpening the saw. This habit reflects your commitment to training, fresh ideas, finding new songs, new venues, exciting opportunities to express yourself in music, with more listeners and fans to move, encourage, uplift, and inspire.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey is a great resource to keep on hand and periodically review as you pursue, achieve, and seek to revitalize varying aspects of your singing success.

The products and programs offered through SSTV will get you on the right track, and help you continue to build on a strong, healthy foundation that is only limited by your level of commitment and talent.

Invest In Training

By investing in these products you will avoid bad habits that can limit your potential or possibly even damage your voice. You’ll quickly learn techniques that might have otherwise taken years. This will help you become more comfortable and confident as you continue to sharpen your skills and take bold steps to heighten your artistry.

Mix + Match Products

Mix and match products such as the 7 tip series to keep things fresh and exciting and challenging. Reinforce the 7 habits as you engage programs in the 7 series.

Use the resources at SSTV to optimize your unique gifts. Engage viewers of your station by holding each other accountable in your training. Compare experiences and ideas triggered as you use Brett Manning’s programs and those of his certified associates to help you achieve the full potential of your singing success.

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