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All too often I find that my clients get caught in what I like to call the “technique trap.” Now before I go on, realize that I too have been caught in this insidious snare. Don’t get me wrong, technique is a good thing. In fact, it is paramount in building a balanced, controlled voice; however, I submit that sometimes too much focus on technique can actually hinder your growth as a singer. Many of you spend all your practice hours focusing exclusively on the technical aspects of the program to build your voice.

If this is you, when was the last time you actually just warmed up and then starting singing songs? If your answer is “not sure” or “it’s been a long time,” then you need to try singing on for size! Much of my vocal ability and freedom has been found in the times that I just decided to let go and go for it. You see, as with most things in life, we learn best by doing. Just like the physician who spends years in school to learn all the head- knowledge of being a doctor, then learns most of his or her practical abilities in the actual hours spent treating patients- the same is true of the singer. You will often find more understanding of your voice by simply putting on some music or sitting down at the piano and just making music. My suggestion to singers is always do enough technique to reach your goals and build your voice, but balance it out by just singing your heart out! Stretch yourself. Be a risk taker. Try different styles. Sing with other musicians. Dare to take your voices places you never have. Trust me, you will learn so much about yourself and unlock parts of your voice that you never knew existed.

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