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If you’re looking to shake up your practice routine why not consider investing in one or
more of the programs in the Top 7 series.

These are designed to help you give extra focus to your voice in critical areas where there
is often the greatest demand.

Imagine setting aside a portion of each week’s practice to explore the 7 commercial
singing secrets. Then, apply it to your next live gig, audition, or studio session.

Imagine also devoting time to gaining more control and confidence in your upper range,
with the Top 7 Secrets of the Super-High Mix Voice, offered by Jesse Nemitz.

Then, top this all off by incorporating tips from Brett Manning’s Top 7 Vocal Exercises
that gives you an understanding of which exercises are the most effective for developing
and strengthening your unique voice.

Bundle Up For Greater Impact

By bundling these three programs and incorporating elements into your practice time,
you’ll not only become more proficient at using cord closure to sing high notes, you’ll
also learn how to approach phrasing from one of Nashville’s top studio session singers.

Discover how to use trills and licks with ease to make a performance more dynamic
vocally while also enhancing interpretive skills. You’ll learn how to avoid overuse by
letting licks and trills flow naturally for the greatest impact. They’ll become tools to help
you bring a song to life and move your audience – and not just as tricks for showing off a
great voice.

Improve Proficiency

You’ll also discover how to effectively use your unique vocal instrument by combining
vibrato, as well as breathy compression, and the vocal fry, to rise above and to shine
through even the most complex mix and arrangement. Correct engagement of targeted
exercises in Brett’s Top 7 program will provide reinforcement for proper preparation, as
well as proficiency in technique.

In his Top 7 Exercises program, Brett also coaches you on three simple and easy
exercises that serve as a pre-warm up, making your voice more flexible. These exercises
help you get rid of pressure and rigidness, quickly and effortlessly, before you engage in
any warm up scales.

Eliminate Strain

With Jesse’s Top 7 program, you’ll discover how to eliminate all strain in the upper

range. You’ll also learn how to use falsetto as an artistic choice for tone. It becomes an
additional tool at your disposal to use for impact and not as something to apologize for.

Specific Individual Focus

So, by investing in the Top 7 series you can add focus to specific areas of your voice that
require additional attention while reinforcing the skills, techniques, and coordinations
learned with Singing Success. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the distinctive
qualities, power, and potential of your unique voice.

Reinforce Understanding

Each of these three Top 7 programs will help you to achieve greater success with your
voice based on understanding and not just on repetition. When the three are bundled, the
confidence and competence gained with each program feeds off of each other, helping
you to become a better informed, more well-rounded singer with greater depth and

So, you’ll not only hear and see key exercises done properly, you’ll also learn how to
achieve optimum balance as you move from your chest, head, and mix voice. And you’ll
become more accomplished and confident when it comes to hitting those high notes.

Targeted Practice Routine

By bundling these three Top 7 programs, you’ll be able to target proper use of specific
exercises, find and strengthen your super high mix voice, and gain valuable insight on
becoming more commercial – all as part of your weekly practice routine. So, check
out the product station here at and hit the high road to your greatest
potential for singing success.

Reinforce Results

Share your results, challenges, and positive experiences with others in the forums. Book a
skype, phone, or studio session with a Brett Manning certified master associate to gauge
your progress, reinforce technique, and boost your levels of confidence, competence, and

The Top 7 programs are a great way to supplement the Singing Success and Mastering
programs with extra focus and attention given to specific areas that will help you
move closer to realizing the goals you’ve set for your singing success.

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