Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities To Grow

In a recent video clip at SingingSuccess.tv on “Overcoming Obstacles,” Brett Manning and Shelby Rollins focus on dealing with challenges that are often encountered in the process of coaching and achieving singing success. You can view that video clip here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SingingSuccess?blend=1&ob=5#p/u/13/_fbWNZYMyc8

One of the biggest challenges that come when an obstacle arises is more of an issue with your mindset. Negative thought patterns can be viral, impacting the senses and perceptions to the point that confidence suffers. Performance, muscle memory, proper placement, and even desire can shut down, if things get out of hand.

By Blocks of Walls

Many times we create blocks or walls that give that feeling of being stuck, like you can’t move forward because you just don’t quite get something or maybe even feel it’s impossible. Then, you start to kick yourself, become more self-conscious, tension grows, and obstacles or blocks are created. What you essentially end up with is a resistance to change because you believe you simply can’t.

The Snowball Effect

You’ll know you’re facing this kind of situation with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle when this hyper-critical voice inside you starts to second guess and even question your ability to take something on.

You know that voice. It’s the one that says things like, “Who are you kidding? You can’t do this. You call yourself a singer?” Then it tries to convince you that you’re only going to embarrass yourself and waste everybody’s time if you keep trying. It might even push you to the point of thinking you can’t sing or shouldn’t try to sing and should give up.

But it might not stop there. It can then become a raging, venomous, canker sore threatening to close your vocal folds, encouraging you to quit dreaming and stop deluding yourself, as the self-loathing spins self-destructively out of control.

Infecting Relationships

That inner voice of nonsense can then project itself onto your coach, the exercises, and the coordinations. You then become hyper-sensitive to any encouragement from your coach and others, seeing their constructive criticism and corrective guidance as attempts to control you or put you down.

As crazy as this may sound, everybody has experienced or will experience some degree of this distorted perception at some point when they hit a wall or trip up in the process of learning something new. Many times this happens because things have been so seamless, positive, and effortless. Then, a challenge comes up, and that negative creep of a voice chimes in with, “A-ha! I knew you couldn’t do it.”

Choose Your Move

The real obstacle becomes one of your frame of mind. You need to move from thinking there’s no way you can get this right, to being open to what you need to do to work through the obstacle and meet the challenge.

You can then accept the guidance from your coach and others in helping you work on the issue so that you have a process in place, and you understand it may take some time to meet the challenge.

As long as you understand that it may take time, and you’re willing to do the work required so that the challenge is met properly, you then can choose to proceed to take on the challenge, without putting yourself down or beating yourself up. You’re in charge. The gift is yours. Its proper care is your responsibility.

Meet to Master

In fact, it’s those tough challenges that you meet and master that will truly define your strengths in the long run. There are also valuable lessons to be taken to heart and season your soul in the process. So, it’s important to practice standing up for yourself in the face of challenges and obstacles. Don’t shy away from trying things that you think might be impossible. Don’t be afraid to keep refining an exercise or coordination until you get it right!

Risk Rewards

Explore the full potential of your unique voice! Don’t be afraid to bend, stretch, twist, and risk exceeding your expectations. You’ll grow stronger and more confident in the process. Then, when you hit another wall, or have another obstacle to overcome, you’ll take that challenge in stride, seeing it for what it really is: just another stepping stone on the way to your singing success.

Mindset Matters

In her bestselling book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, author Carol Dweck provides helpful strategies for moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset when faced with an obstacle that simply requires time and effort to overcome. The book provides straightforward, guidelines for facing challenges with an open mind that are easily adaptable to situations you will encounter as you pursue your career as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or performer, and can even help you open your mind to learning about the music business.

Listen Up

Exchange ideas and experiences with others via the SingingSuccess.tv forums concerning obstacles you’ve overcome. Share some of the lessons you’ve learned and the impact that not giving up has had on shaping your character, building confidence, and keeping you focused. Offer positive reinforcement for others in your respective creative communities so that an open mindset is encouraged when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

Opportunity’s Booking

Book a session with a Brett Manning certified associate via skype, by phone, or in the studio to gauge your progress and to also gain more direction with artist development and other aspects of the music business. Turn that booking from an obstacle to the opportunity to grow wiser, stronger, and more focused as you set your sights by the light of your true singing success. You can learn more about Brett Manning's world-renowned vocal coaches or book singing lessons by visiting: http://www.brettmanningstudios.com

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