Turn Quirks to Perks for Singing Success

There’s a tendency to downplay things that make us feel self-conscious, and with good reason. If we’re uncomfortable, that insecurity or sense of not being focused will be clearly conveyed and will likely steal focus during your performance, rehearsal, or even at your daily practice or a coaching session.

Vulnerable + At Risk

Think about it. Whether you’re giving a key note speech at a convention where the crowd is a bit rowdy, or singing a brand new song that takes your range to its limits, or auditioning for a role that you knowa would be a stretch but a great boost to your confidence – each of these examples involves an element of vulnerability or even a perceived risk of falling short.

Define Character

Each of us is only as good as our most challenging moments. It’s those times of exposure, compromise, adjustment, and even improvisation that serve to define character and even potential strength and promise for your gifts.

In order to become a more confident, competent performer, you must take risks, be transparent, acknowledge imperfections, and keep stretching to strengthen what you communicate and deliver in your voice-driven career.

Take Control

That is why it’s important to note the areas where you aren’t as secure, and work on ways to become more proficient, comfortable, and in control.

Again, it is the victories and accomplishments in facing fears and taking on these areas where you feel vulnerable or insecure, that will help to build and establish your reputation as a seasoned vocal artist of note.

Workout with Peers

Get together with some of your peers to evaluate each other, focusing on those areas where you feel vulnerable. Your peers share a common bond in terms of challenges, fears, concerns, and dreams that can help you with addressing vulnerability.

As a group, you can indulge exercises and coordinations from Brett Manning’s teaching and methodology to help each other gain more vocal confidence and control.

Corner Coaches

Work with several of Brett’s certified master associates to target specific areas where you want to gain more confidence. By working with several coaches, you’ll gain greater insight into how you’re perceived while getting positive feedback from several different knowledgeable resources on the progress you’re making.

Playing with Styles

If there are things you’ve wanted to try stylistically, but have let your fear of ridicule or self-consciousness stop you, create a safe, open, encouraging environment by working with your peers and several coaches on style issues and other challenges you’ve been reluctant to face.

Helpful Healing

Also give time and attention to what has been identified as quirks or even flaws by yourself or others. Bring these points of vulnerability to the forefront, for healing and helpful feedback from your peers and coaches.

Share Risks

The more risks you face in terms of fears and vulnerability, the stronger you will be as you gain a greater confidence in the full spectrum of your vocal texture, phrasing, color, and tone.

Share your experiences with others through the forums here at singingsuccess.tv, and include links to clips of your progress. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, and always provide positive, constructive support for others.

Invested Interest

Invest in another of Brett’s products as part of your commitment to tackling areas in which you are vulnerable. And, book a session with one of Brett’s certified master associates that you have never worked with before.

And the Winner Is

Make the commitment to push the envelope as you take risks and explore soft spots in your voice and artist image or public persona.

Let the perks in your quirks be part of what shines brightest in establishing your truly unique singing success.