Turn the Key to Your Voice to Success

You will likely face many obstacles, detours, setbacks, and disappointments in the pursuit of your career as a singer, singer-songwriter, entertainer, public speaker, broadcast journalist, singing musician, actress, actor – whatever your focus, these challenges will come. And, you will experience desert seasons when it seems like nothing is happening to advance your career. The gigs, speaking engagements, competitions, and opportunities for exposure seem to be getting fewer in number, shrinking in scope and scale, and are far less promising or satisfying.

At these times, the feeling of making any progress in advancing your career seems numbing to discouraging at best. You might even hit plateaus in your vocal training where an issue becomes more of a challenge, and you’re starting to feel defeated. You may begin to question your abilities, passions, and choices.

Get Stronger

Don’t be surprised when you face these desert seasons. And also don’t be surprised if, once things begin to turn, you’re faced with a mountain a climb or even a jagged mountain range to navigate. However, there are opportunities in these times of struggle to get stronger, become more determined and focused, and even to be refreshed and gain a broader, higher perspective as you press on.

If it feels like you’re going through a desert season of dried up resources for refreshment or scaling a seemingly slippery and treacherous mountain of dreams that seems to be turning into a smoldering volcano with a toxic lava flow, relax and take heart. That’s right – relax.

Even though these images are unpleasant and seem a bit over the top in scope, everybody has felt or will feel this way at some point. There is hope. There really is.

You’re Not Alone

The first thing is to realize you’re not alone. And the second thing is to recognize and understand that you are still in control. How you respond and what you do to gain more knowledge, strengthen your voice, make more contacts, sharpen your interpretive skills, work on stage presence, give and get support – it’s all up to you.

Don’t Shut Down

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, keep your reset button handy, and stay open to chances for change.

Use the forums at SingingSuccess.TV to keep in touch with others that are dealing with some of the same obstacles and deterrents that you’re facing. Encourage others to hang tough and not give up.

You can jumpstart your networking support by making a handful of new connections per month through the forums. This brings an exchange of fresh ideas and new perspectives into the mix and will fuel your resolve to stay the course.

Start Goal Mining

Identify key goals in becoming better educated about the music business, entertainment industry, talent competitions, pageants, speaking engagements, voiceover gigs, whatever your area of focus – and then actively seek those that have information and advice you need to open doors of opportunity.

Invest in one of the products available through SingingSuccess.TV that you’ve been thinking about trying, and work through the program with a partner. Get feedback from others in the forums.

The new connections you make, and new products you invest in, will help you weather desert seasons and mountain climbs and avoid shutting down. It will help you to insulate and protect yourself as you press on. But you must never isolate yourself from others!

Indulge Yourself

Whenever you get stuck, frustrated, start to tear yourself down, or find yourself starting to let jealously or envy rule your career pursuits – stop right where you are and give yourself some time to reflect.

Grab a laptop, notebook, or a journal with pen, and head to a favorite hang or safe haven, someplace where you always feel hopeful, happy, or welcome. You’re going to engage in a little self-indulgent, back-patting.

Strong Points – Bright Spots

When you feel like you’re getting nowhere, you need to stop and acknowledge your accomplishments and highlights that affirm your strengths. These include anything that makes you feel good about yourself. It includes critical choices you’ve made, as well as any life-changing or career-enhancing moves or decisions.

The goal is to acknowledge these high points and key achievements and to reaffirm them so that you are reminded of how far you’ve come so you don’t lose heart, and you resist any urges to start picking yourself apart. If any negatives repeatedly creep in during this process, make a quick note and put them aside.


Start with making note of your achievements and accomplishments. Then, review your list. Give thanks and celebrate everyone and everything that has been a part of each of these highlights, rewards, and shining moments. Then, reaffirm your commitment to strengthen your voice, grow your network of support, and improve your business smarts.

For any negatives that attack you in this process, note any plan of action you can take or are taking to counter its attack. For example, if the negative is related to stage fright or confidence or not trusting your mix when you sing, cite specific plans of action to quiet and dismiss each of the negatives. If it’s something you haven’t addressed, assess the need to address the issue, make the commitment to address it with a clearly defined plan.

Regroup + Reinforce

To reinforce the positives, ask a close friend, business associate, mentor, voice teacher, or vocal coach to assess your strengths. Depending on the scope and depth of your relationship, have them also identify what they believe to be some of your greatest accomplishments. This will serve to boost your confidence and provide a welcome stream of refreshment for your desert season, as well as help you enjoy the broader, grander view from that mountain you’re climbing.

Take Breaks As Needed

There will be times when you simply need a break. Be good to yourself. Don’t kick yourself because you’re down. Allow yourself some refreshment, compassion and encouragement from people that love you, support you, and believe in you.

When you see others starting to checkout or self-destruct because they’re dry and parched from a desert season, or slouched over in a slump from a slide down a mountain, don’t hesitate to let them know you care and are there for them.

Chat Yourself Up + Get Bookin’

Share insights gained during your desert seasons and mountain climbs. It’s those times of tremendous challenge that provide the greatest lessons and growth in the pursuit of your career. Affirm what you’ve learned by using what you’ve learned to encourage and enlighten others. Use the forums at SingingSuccess.TV to help others refresh, renew, restore, and regroup. It also reaffirms your purpose and place in the pursuit of your passion.

If you haven’t done this yet, book a session with one of Brett’s certified associates. You can do this via Skype, over the phone, or in the studio. If you’re already doing this, let others know about the positive impact it has on your confidence, competence, and comfort levels.

Make the commitment to book a regular session periodically with one or several different Brett Manning certified associates. Use these sessions to assess and affirm your progress, and to gain valuable advice and direction in the pursuit of your voice-driven career.

Brett’s Programs Work

One of the best perks of investing in Brett Manning’s programs is that they work. His methods engage, enhance, and affirm all that is truly unique and wonderfully authentic in your voice. His approach keeps your voice strong and healthy. This gives you confidence, control, competence, and that will bring comfort and consolation through desert seasons and mountain climbs.

Brett’s teaching will also bring rewards through the growing season when deserts bloom and fresh fruits are harvested. That higher, broader perspective that his approach offers will be affirmed with each mountain you successfully scale, not only in the pursuit of your singing success, but in the every way you choose to engage the unique gift of your voice.