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So have you ever hit a plateau or gone through a period of feeling like you’re not focused, easily distracted, or losing interest in things you used to care about? Do you ever felt like your talent or voice is under-appreciated or not even acknowledged by others? Do you sometimes feel like there’s a lot more you could be doing to state the case for a special place that’s clearly reserved for the

unique gift of your voice in your chosen career?

Daily Practices

One of the first steps toward gaining focus on your passion is to assess your current degree of focus by doing a check on everyday practices, habits, behaviors, and training.

Look Back – Move Forward

So, set aside some time to think back on how things went for you yesterday, starting with waking up and ending with calling it at day. You might want to engage this exercise with a partner who does their own assessment. This can help with putting things in perspective. But, let’s get started.

Highlight – Dark Spots

As you think back over the day before, list what you consider to be the highlights, dark spots, and any other moments that for whatever reason keep coming to mind and are hard to shake.

Sensory Cues + Clues

If you’re having trouble thinking of anything, ask some sensory questions that may help trigger some of the places you went, people you got together with, and some of things you did.

You want to identify at least ten moments, incidents, or activities that qualify as highlights, dark spots, or moments of some significance.

Follow Up + Follow Through

Add to your list by asking yourself the following questions: What did you plan to do that you didn’t do? What did you plan that exceeded your expectations? What did you plan to do that did not meet your expectations? What did you plan that took you in a totally different direction?

Passion or Poison

Now identify each of the items listed as being a personal point or part of passion, poison, both, or neither.

Time + Effort

Then, for each item, identify how it relates to the pursuit of your singing success, speaking success, or validation of your voice-driven career. You want to identify the impact each item has on time and effort in devoted to honoring your gift with engaged focus and passion.

Focus – Passion

Granted you may have had an exceptional day that was either unusually positive or absurdly negative. However jam-packed or sparsely snoozing your yesterday may have been, it will still serve to help you gauge how much of your day is focused on your passion for engaging, enhancing, and empowering the unique gift of your voice.

Time Spent or Wasted

It will also help you identify time-wasters and will reveal opportunities for addressing necessary changes, training, fitness issues, energy concerns, bad habits, and inappropriate behaviors. Look at how you spend most of your time and see how it could be used more productively to further advance your singing or speaking success.

Promising Practices

Granted, it will help you identify behaviors that are counterproductive, wasteful, or even ultimately destructive. But it will also bring to your attention the things that generate positive feelings, triggers for inspiration, energy boosters, and fresh ideas. These are things that can be used in some way to encourage, enlighten, and entertain. These positives must be tapped for further development, while the negatives must be turned into opportunities for restoration, recovery, development, or a new direction.

Spin It to a Positive

In other words, let’s say one of the items you identified as both a poison and a passion was sitting at your PC or MAC and researching some of your heroes or creative role models while you overindulged in some processed, sugar-loaded, salt-licking comfort foods. The spin to a positive might include making the shift to a passion for healthy snacks or opting for no snacking at all. The research could be further enhanced to include notes on what each hero or role model accomplished and any positive traits that you feel are adaptable and helpful in pursuing success for your vocal career.

Quality of Training

How much time and effort was put into proper warm-up? Did you devote any time to exercises in Mastering Mix, Singing Success, or one of Brett’s Top 7 series? Did you skip over any exercises you find more difficult? Did you ignore something you know you need to work on? Did you neglect giving attention to coordinations that you know need reinforcement? Were you late for a meeting or rehearsal? Did you miss another networking opportunity? Did you put off investing in Brett’s latest program, Mastering Harmony – Volume I?

Periodic Review

By taking time to reflect on yesterday’s activity – periodically – will help you stay positively focused on your career by investing in your passion for the pursuit of your success.

Give + Get Feedback

Use the forums to discuss changes you’ve made and the results that are being generated. Provide feedback for others in the forums here at SingingSuccess.TV to help them stay positively focused on a passionate pursuit of the full potential for success in their voice-driven career.

Booking a session with one of Brett Manning’s certified master associates should be a top priority for positively reinforcing your passion for sharing and fully exploring all that the gift of your unique voice has to offer.

Quality Time + Effort = Success

The better the quality of time and effort you invest in your voice-driven career, the greater your potential for success.

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