Turn Worry to the Wonders of Singing Success

One of the biggest deterrents to taking risks, making progress, and staying the course in the pursuit of your voice-driven career is worry.

What if I forget the lyrics to this new song? What if nobody shows up? What if the sight lines are bad? What if a fight breaks out in the bar? What if it’s somebody’s birthday and their party draws a bigger crowd than my song set? What if the monitor goes out or there’s feedback?

Dismiss the Unlikely

Think about how many things go unfinished or unaddressed due to worries over what might go wrong or thinking about not being good enough or not being accepted. Think about how much energy is spent on worry over things that are highly unlikely and extremely far-fetched.

For many people worry can escalate into a paralyzing fear that can then create a host of other troubling behaviors that threaten your progress and promise, such as neglecting or putting off dealing with issues that you know you need to work on.

Obsessive, excess worry can morph into panic attacks, most often due to unrealistic expectations or, in same cases, fed by doomsday-thinking where you’re convinced that your career is over or pointless at best.

Perks + Positives

Yet, worry can be a positive thing when it brings legitimate concerns to your attention that you know you must be addressed, such as extra rehearsal time and preparation for learning new material or when trying some different arrangements.


To get a handle on issues with worry you need to evaluate the likelihood or legitimacy of those worries that are the most prevalent.

Those that are unrealistic are also unproductive and must be dismissed, otherwise they will begin to snowball becoming time wasters and road blocks in your journey for singing success.

Those worries that are realistic, and should concern you, must be evaluated in terms of the results generated and any potential benefits or strengths that will come with addressing the worry in an effective, timely manner.

Checklist, please…

Set aside some time to make a list of things that are worrying, troubling, and concern you that are clearly impacting your voice-driven career progress, pursuits, or goals.

Get Real + Take Control

For each worry, ask if it is realistic or unrealistic. Then, note if the worry or concern is something you can clearly control.

For example, let’s say you’ve learned three new songs. One of the songs repeatedly brings the break in your mix voice into play, even when you’ve made key changes.

Consider Results

So, the worry or concern is realistic, but it’s also controllable through practice, as well as exercising proper coordinations. If it’s ignored, it could compromise your performance, and that might hurt your confidence or add to frustration or even more worry.

If it’s addressed and mastered, your confidence is secured, and you’re on your way to having a successful, strong performance and feeling of accomplishment.

So, the initial goal is to dismiss the unrealistic worries that you have no control over, and focus on addressing those that are real concerns that you are equipped to handle and can grow from in the process.

What’s It Mean + How’s It Feel

For those worries that you must address, each must be clearly identified. Then, you want to acknowledge how the worry and the issue make you feel. In other words, what does this mean to you? Why is it such a big deal?

You want to legitimize your concerns over the issue which leads you to a plan for getting a handle on taking responsibility for addressing the worry. And then, ask yourself what the desired results are, and establish what it means to you to achieve the desired results.

Positive Progress

This gets you focused on positives such as making progress, feeling accomplished, and gaining more confidence, as opposed to staying wrapped up in the problem or concern.

Forum Focus

Use the forums at singingsuccess.tv to talk about worries you’ve found to be unproductive, unrealistic, or uncontrollable, as well as those that you’ve found to be instrumental in helping you grow your confidence and competence, while increasing levels of comfort, control, and commitment.

Session Success

Take a moment to assess your worries or concerns through sessions you book with one of Brett Manning’s certified master associates. Determine which concerns are realistic and controllable, note the benefits of achieving positive results, and proceed with a workable plan of action.

Product Investment

This same approach applies to investing in one of Brett’s many effective products and training tools such as Mastering Mix, Singing Success, The Top 7 Series, or his latest, Mastering Harmony. Note which concerns are real that you can control; cite the perks in asserting yourself, and proceed with a positive proactive plan that incorporates Brett’s teaching.

Positive Charge With Focus

Take charge of your fears and concerns. Focus on the results of fully investing in the unique gift of your voice. Your level of commitment to taking control speaks volumes in fine-tuning every aspect of your true singing success.