Two Must-See Sites To Stay The Course

As you head into the New Year, it’s important to continue to increase your knowledge of the music business, as well as prime and pump up your creative potential.

Talent and skill are critical to success, but it’s just as important to educate yourself about the business and to explore opportunities to keep your creative spirits alive and thriving. The following are two information rich resources that will respectively help you stay fully engaged as you positively press on!

Music Business 411 Goldmine

The Songwriters Resource Network (SRN) CLICK HERE is a trusted news and education hub for songwriters, lyricists, composers, and arrangers. Their mission is to inform and empower songwriters by offering trustworthy information on all aspects of songwriting, lyric writing, composition, as well as music publishing.

The key objectives of SRN are to assist aspiring songwriters with improving their craft, finding contacts, and taking advantage of opportunities that will increase chances for success in the music business.

SRN provides informative articles on the craft and business of songwriting. These articles apply to the current music scene, with new articles to reflect changing trends and new technology.

SRN introduces a host of networking and educational opportunities to help songwriters open doors in the music business. They keep visitors informed of events to promote and celebrate the art of songwriting, lyric writing and music composition.

Variety Of Professional Experts

The brain trust of SRN is composed of professional songwriters, recording artists, song publishers, music producers, songwriting educators along with a variety of music-industry professionals. Each supports nonprofit organizations for songwriters. Each shares their songwriting expertise and experience to help talented, motivated songwriters.

Songwriters Resource Network is a free educational resource for songwriters, lyricists and composers. No membership is required.

Some of the things you’ll learn include valuable tips on how to write and then market your songs. There’s information on finding co-writers, publishers, producers, and recording artists.

There are tips and resources on how to get your music heard, along with guidance on connecting with song publishers. The SRN website also features free ads for songwriters and lyricists seeking producers or songwriting partners. It’s a great resource for singers to find material and do some networking. There are contests and competitions as well.

Grounded For The Sake Of Rising Higher

The advice offered is both very practical and grounded, as stated on the site’s home page.

“Whether you write songs for personal enjoyment or professional ambition, your musical voice and your songs are uniquely your own. Only you can give them life.” -The Songwriters Resource Network

The Unique Voice In Action

Next up is a site of one of the most remarkable, uniquely gifted artists in the music business or in any field of creative endeavor. The site showcases the many works of singer, songwriter, educator, Lisa Aschmann.

Versalitity Rules

This prolific artist has recorded six CD’s of her own and has had hundreds of songs cut by major artists in almost every genre imaginable, including bluegrass, jazz, country, folk, inspirational, pop, and R&B. She often performs a cappella and is just as moving and inspiring without accompaniment as she is when backed by an orchestra, single piano, or guitar.

Her emotional style mixes vulnerability with strength that is at once simple, pure, honest, and compelling. Her musical styles also include rock, rockabilly, Cajun, classical, Calypso, as well as touches of Latin and Celtic music. With Lisa, you receive fresh perspectives that reflect the unexpected, unseen, and under-appreciated aspects of life, love, art, and singing.

Her website CLICK HERE offers top notch quality free MP3’s of her music. The site also includes Nashville notation chord charts as well as lyrics of many of her songs.

She has also written two amazing books on songwriting tips. Her first book, 500 Songwriting Ideas (for Brave and Passionate People) was published by Hal Leonard Corporation in 1997. In May of 2008, her second book, 1000 Songwriting Ideas was released.

The latest book serves up a thousand creative concepts as starting points to consider for lyric and melody. Her book offers stirring examples to demonstrate the potential power in applying the concepts. These points are like sparks, fueled and fanned by creativity, setting your mind, heart, and spirit ablaze.

Creativity Workshops With Credentials

Though designed for songwriters, Lisa’s exercises can move anyone, songwriter or not, to deeper depths, wider openings, higher aspirations, and a lifelong passion for creative expression. In fact, Lisa conducts creativity workshops nation wide.

As a songwriter Lisa has co-written many source cues for film and television, including: West Wing, Hack, Shark, Bones, Numb3rs, My Name Is Earl, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Providence, Sex & the City, America’s Top Models, The X-Files, My Beautiful Launderette, JAG, LA Doctors, Steel, Smoke, Date Fate, Sesame Street, and Horses and Men.

As a performer she has graced a variety of venues and events, including The San Francisco Folk Festival, Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, the International Womens’ Music Festival in Beer Sheva, Israel, Web Radio, and house concerts.

Mother Nature Rocks + Rules

Lisa recently performed at the world renowned Bluebird Café in Nashville, along with a host of gifted singer-songwriters that included the brilliant, unique artistry of Linda McRae and Mark Elliott, as well as the magical musicianship of Doc West and Andy Miller (Guitar Duets To Die For).

Visit Lisa’s site for inspiration and more information. Lisa is the closest we’ll ever come to having Mother Nature show up in human form to hold the ultimate house-cleaning concert!

Take advantage of the insight, education, and encouragement offered by these two sites. These are both vital to your arrival and survival as a singer-songwriter, vocalist, musician, performer, coach, role-player or deal-maker in the music business.

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