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If you’re committed to being successful in your voice-driven career, do not neglect the power and potential return that comes from giving. You must take time to explore and truly see how the unique gift of your voice can play a vital role in having a positive impact on others. Not just by giving a stellar performance, but by

reaching out for the sake of being there for someone else.

A Giving Mindset

You need to consider how you can use your role as a singer, singer-songwriter, or singing musician to encourage your peers. But you also must look for ways you can use your gifts to make a positive difference in your community. This can be handled through volunteerism or by staging benefit concerts for neighborhood schools, hospitals, hospice care facilities, churches, youth groups, or senior centers. You might even choose to heighten awareness of a social issue or health concerns through the material you perform or present.

The same bigger picture approach to giving support can be initiated for voice-driven career pursuits outside of music, such as actors, comedians, public service officials, motivational speakers, broadcast journalists, voice-over talent, and so on.

Grassroots Support

Teachers, parents, or grandparents may be using Brett Manning’s programs to improve their singing and speaking ability so that they become more effective communicators in working with young people. They also can discover opportunities to use their gifts to make a positive difference in their respective neighborhoods and social circles. With the aid of Brett Manning’s programs and sessions with certified master associates, their confidence and comfort levels will grow as their voices are strengthened and their vocal health is improved.

Public Eyes – Private Hearts

A voice-driven career in the public eye often creates a situation where a sense of self-importance and self-worth gets an undue amount of focus to the point that it creates an unhealthy perspective.

Since there is often so much attention placed on ego issues and self-importance, seeing your public role in terms of service for others helps to keep things in check. It reminds you that you are part of a much bigger picture, and it also reinforces the potential influence that your unique voice has on others.

Impact Awareness

When you step outside of the studio, or venture beyond the concert stage or lecture hall, you become more aware of your potential impact one on one outside of your protective bubble. You also get feedback that is less focused on ego-gratification and not centered around the material perks of your profession.

Growth + Investment

It also gives you an opportunity for learning more about the cares, concerns, struggles, dreams, challenges, and obstacles faced by those who are not a part of forces that drive the creative development aspects and bottom line fiscal concerns of your voice-driven career. In fact, your experience in reaching out will give greater meaning to creative and fiscal growth and investment.

Ten Targets

Use your personal support groups, mentors, and mastermind groups to come up with a list of at least ten targets for lending support. That represents two helping handfuls of powerful praise or positive protest in using your gifts and time to make a difference.

Thankful Review

Keep a list of these targets with you and periodically review the list, calling to mind each person, situation, cause, organization, facility, or group. Give thanks the place each on your list has in your life. Give thanks for your opportunity to make a difference in their lives. Also, before a live performance, studio gig, taping, keynote speech, webcast – however your voice is used – remind yourself of their place in your heart.

Daily Gratitude

Give thanks for mentors, members of your support team and mastermind group. Give thanks for Brett and his certified associates – for their hands and hearts in helping to make the most of your unique gifts. Give thanks every day for the opportunity to serve, to share your gifts, and to give back to your community.

Shine On Others

Keep yourself humble and shine a light on those you serve – this practice of giving is not intended to draw attention to you. It’s like a secret pleasure that in your heart you know matters beyond words and deepens your connection to the unique gifts that serve your voice-driven career.

Threads + Forums

Use the SingingSuccess.TV forums to discuss opportunities for how your gifts can be engaged in ways that will have a positive impact in your community. Look for ways to give back and pay forward personally and professionally.

Engage Brett + Company

In your sessions with Brett’s certified associates, ask for ideas on ways you can use your voice-driven career to have a positive impact on your community. Maybe you could persuade your favorite coach to put in a quick guest appearance via skype for a special child you mentor or sponsor in your community.

The deeper the commitment you make to serving others; the greater your potential for achieving personal satisfaction, for receiving genuine heartfelt gratification, and for believing in the restorative powers that come with showing compassion for others. This will give the unique gift of your voice-driven career the ultimate blessing of true singing success.

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