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There are several key components that will factor into increasing the chances for making your dream of singing success come true.

Your passionate pursuit clearly requires a dedication and commitment to honing your craft. It also calls for risk taking, adaptability, networking, learning everything you can about the music business, and of course, talent.

Get Focused

But there’s something extra that’s often overlooked by many very talented, dedicated vocalists and performers that can make a huge difference in narrowing the gap between your dream’s initial inception and the establishment of a viable career as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical performer. This extra something is: focus.

What will happen for many gifted but very busy people is that they get pulled in so many directions during the day that not only are opportunities missed but there’s a potential risk of burnout or getting off track.

Three Focal Check Points

There is a simple rule to remember for maintaining focus on a daily basis. The rule is flexible, easy to follow, and easily adaptable for each individual. The key to sharpening and maintaining a daily focus comes with establishing three clearly defined check points or focal points for accountability and refreshment throughout each day.

Each of these focal points should last a minimum of fifteen minutes but no more than a half-hour. If it gets too elaborate or complicated, guess what? You’ll lose interest, then lose focus, or get distracted.

Boost Energy + Confidence

This may sound way too obvious, but for many the obvious is often the most overlooked because it’s generally accepted as a given or is taken for granted. But, it’s amazing how dedication to an intense, specific focus on your dream career three times a day can make a huge difference in directing your energy, stimulating ideas, building your confidence, and heightening your awareness of opportunities you might otherwise overlook.

Morning + Mid-day + Night

The three times will vary in terms of specificity for each individual, but in its simplest form it all comes down to: the first thing in the morning, the middle of the day, and just before you go to bed.

Accountability Partner
The morning and evening personal check points for focus are yours to indulge privately. But, your middle of the day focal check point must include an accountability partner. This must be someone that believes in your talent and fully supports the pursuit of your full potential as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical performer.

Circle of Connections

You can include a circle of connections as part of your mid-day focal check point, such as a group of fellow artists; or maybe it includes your vocal coach or voice teacher, and a live performance instructor, or several close friends. But, the members of this circle of connections must all be on the same page when it comes to their support for your singing success.

Visualize + Goals

The early morning focal check point simply requires a visualization portion where you allow yourself to mentally see and sense and receive your success – however you define it. This can even be followed up with your daily vocal warm-up for reinforcement. But, in addition to the visualization and sensory appeal for your success, you must have at least one or two clearly defined goals for the day.

Mid-day Engagement

Your mid-day focal check point should ideally be conducted in person, but it may also be engaged on line or over the phone. Whether in person or not, you must engage your accountability partner in an active exchange of ideas, opinions, assessment, and advice.
And, it must include addressing your daily goal or goals, as well as anything else you’re working on that is vital to your singing success.

This mid-day focal check point serves to keep you on track and allows you to refocus, refresh, and refuel. It can serve to boost your confidence as well, prep for an audition or key meeting, or simply affirm decisions you’ve made. It’s up to you.

Evaluate Perception

Your end of the day focal check point is very much like a performance evaluation. You look at your goal or goals and gauge how you did, as you critique your performance or progress, as well as evaluate the input from your accountability partner.

Reward Reception

During this end of the day focal check point, you also allow the visualization portion where you mentally see and sense and receive your success. You can further define this by seeing yourself receiving awards or a reward for your performance – however this is defined by you.

Get Set for Tomorrow

The last detail of the end of the day focal check point is defining your goal or goals for the next day. Then, after a good night’s rest, the goal or goals may have become further enhanced, or they may be more clearly defined when you wake up and engage your morning focal check point. This is a simple but powerful practice that will generate positive results if engaged faithfully.

Keep the Appointment

The mid-day focal check point may shift from time to time. The point is to keep the appointment and not fret over a specific time. It is critical because it provides a link between the goals you’ve set and the progress you’re making, while giving you real support, positive reinforcement, and reliable accountability from an outside source.

Tune in for Further Focus

Use the forums at as an additional focal check point for sharing your dreams, goals, and progress in the pursuit of your career as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, or musical performer.

Factor into your focal check points your experiences with programs such as Mastering Mix, Singing Success, and the Top Seven series, as well as feedback you receive from sessions you book with any of Brett Manning’s certified associates.

Your Daily Commitment

Every single day will present a number of potential distractions and activities that can turn you away from or spin you toward your dream career. Your commitment to creating and faithfully maintaining your three focal check points each day can spell the difference between a hit and miss so-so career in the music business and a dream career that engages the full potential of your true singing success.

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