Use Down Time to Fine Tune Singing Success

Whenever you’re fumbling through a season of disappointment, you don’t have to fall apart and feed the fumbling through self-criticism, skipping practice, canceling voice lessons, or neglecting your gift.

Appearances May Be Deceiving

In fact, the down time can be put to good use. But the first thing you need to do is acknowledge that you’ve hit a wall, or you’ve reached a plateau. It may only seem like you’re down and fading fast or getting nowhere.

Sometimes these seasons of stagnation come about soon after a major breakthrough or a series of positive experiences where a door or several doors opened to advance your career.

Post Breakthrough Blues

A slump or plateau can come right after you’ve made major strides in working through Mastering Mix or Singing Success. Maybe you’ve tackled Mastering Harmony – you’ve been excited because you feel like you have more to play with vocally. It may have prompted you to experiment with arranging or with making changes in your existing song sets or style.

If you feel like you’re slumping, don’t panic! It is natural to hit walls, plateaus, and slip into a slump after experiencing a series of wow-moments or positive experiences. In fact, your plateau or slump may simply be a perception issue.

Walking in the Light

In other words, you’ve had your light-bulb moment, and now you’re simply walking in the light. The excitement of that moment when you got-it and learned something new was dazzling; so, as you press on, you’re seeing things you hadn’t noticed before. You might even now recognize additional challenges, but that doesn’t mean you’re not making progress. And it definitely doesn’t mean you’re a failure or stagnating. In fact, recognizing that there are challenges up ahead and seeing things you know you need to work on is a good sign.

Sparks Will Follow

Don’t forget that there was a lot of struggle and fumbling that took place leading up to those wow-moments or light-bulb experiences. Think of your first experience with working through one of Brett Manning’s programs. There may have been coordinations that have been tougher than others for you. But you pushed through and finally got it.

Keep Expectations High

So remember that many times, it’s the pressing on through the rough patches, challenges, and plateaus that sparked those shining moments. So, keep your expectations alive, knowing that another breakthrough or more wow-moments will eventually come.

Short-term Goals

When you think you’re in a slump or have a wall, take time to remind yourself of your achievements and recent progress. Get together with mentors, peers, or members of your support team and celebrate your accomplishments. Then, set up several short-term goals for advancing your career. It may be working on your website, networking, creating new material, or finding new performance venues in your region.


In setting these goals, ask what the goal will accomplish in terms of helping you to move forward. Sometimes you’re in a slump because you’re not being challenged. Instead, you’re focusing on things that are too easy or are not that productive. Again, you want goals that are results-driven and will advance your career.

Pump the Positives

To keep yourself from spiraling downward, set aside time for indulging your favorite songs, and for brainstorming with your peers. Many times when you are engaging something that makes you feel good and positive, it reminds you of your love and passion for what you do and encourages you to take risks so that you can enjoy more opportunities for greater success.

To help you stay focused on moving forward, ask yourself questions like: what do I want to work on? What impact do I want my voice to have on others? How does my care for my voice affect my attitude and physical health? How does attitude and overall health shape and change my voice?

Renewal – Revival

Whenever you face a plateau or slump, it’s a good time to revisit one of Brett’s products or to invest in another. Turn these plateaus into a season for planting new ideas, new skill sets, and possibilities for renewal and revival.

Stay Actively Engaged

Stagnation comes when you stop growing or ignore opportunities. When you go out of your way to resist or avoid challenges, you’re clearly setting yourself up for some serious downtime. So, always keep your gifts actively engaged, whether it’s reviewing the basics, trying something new, or brainstorming with others that share your passion for a voice-driven career.

Learning Experience

Look into opportunities such as workshops, industry-related seminars, auditions, and contests to keep yourself stimulated and provide opportunities for learning and experience.

The more you know, the better prepared you are for making sound judgment calls and wiser business decisions in advancing your career.

Use the forums at to discover opportunities to grow your knowledge of the business and to share success stories and challenges met in working through Brett’s programs.

Session Season

A slump or plateau is the perfect time for booking a session with one of Brett’s certified master associates. To get additional feedback on your progress with vocal challenges you’re facing, you can skype a session with one of his associates that you’ve never worked with before. This can spark new ideas and boost your confidence, while providing a fresh perspective on your gifts.

Use down time to entertain fresh ideas, new concepts, bold moves, and results-driven plans for making the most of your true singing success.