Use Focal Points to Enhance Vocal Strengths

One of the strengths of Brett Manning’s commitment to teaching is his respect for the uniqueness of each individual voice.

The points of focus in his teaching truly honor the unique gift of each voice. His methodology, exercises, coordinations, and coaching technique are used to enhance and bring out the best in each individual voice.

Heighten + Strengthen

His goal is to heighten and strengthen aspects in the voice such as range, tone, pitch, and muscle memory so that whether you’re pursuing a career as a singer, motivational speaker, broadcast journalist, musical theatre performer, you have the tools at hand to help you achieve peak performance – whatever the focus of your vocal-driven career.

Vocal Power

Brett also understands the power that the human voice has to inspire, encourage, entertain, enlighten, and educate.

The voice can move an audience to tears, stir someone to take action, or persuade a listener to speak up, reach out, and bring people together.

Voice = Product + Service

Whatever the purpose and pursuit in your voice-driven career, it is vital that you think in terms of its potential impact as a product and service.

It’s important for you to identify the unique qualities and strengths of your voice that serve as its key selling points.

Showcase Strengths

This will help you with selecting material that uses your unique strengths and abilities for an exciting, dynamic showcase.

You don’t want the material you choose to be confining or mediocre. You don’t want to sell yourself short. You want to stretch and grow as a singer, speaker, or performer while providing a provocative, exciting experience for your audience.

Objectives to Serve

Make sure you also include objectives you have for wanting to serve others with your voice.

In other words, what would you like your audience members to feel, think about, or even want to learn more about? In what ways would you like your audience to be changed by hearing your performance?

Make A Difference

These objectives in how your voice can serve others will help you with choosing material for your song sets as well as selecting stories to share that resonate with your personal passions and your desire to make a difference.

It can also help you with any affiliations you may wish to make in promoting your career such as special interest groups, social service organizations, human rights issues, and so on.

Service Check  

 If you find yourself lapsing into periods where you’re down, or feel like you’ve stagnated or aren’t having much of an impact, stop and take a closer look at your vocal strengths and your objectives in using your voice to serve others.

Set aside some time to think about any positives that have occurred as a direct result of your singing. Stop and think about people who have thanked you after a performance because of something that was stirred in them.

Key Influences

As you assess your potential performance impact, take time to think of those who have had a hand in honing your craft and in helping to shape and fine tune your singing voice.
What specific qualities have they had a hand in developing or encouraging? What impact have they had on feeding your passions and objectives in the pursuit your vocal career?

Give Thanks

Give thanks for the opportunities to serve others that will come as a result of your desire to be your best and do your best. Consider the impact that your being served has had on how you strive to serve others. Write down their names of those who have inspired you to serve, and thank them any way you can. This can help you reconnect, regroup, and refocus.

Learn To Serve Your Best

Stay committed to bringing your best while serving others. You can do this by investing in Brett’s programs, and by booking regular sessions with his certified master associates.

How has Brett’s teaching and the support of his coaches helped you to honor your strengths by nurturing and engaging them?

Don’t hide or shortchange your gift. Keep learning, improve your craft, review the basics, and don’t be afraid to step out and try something new.

Fans + Followers

Get to know some of the people that you’ve come to see as your greatest fans and critics and learn from them. Find out what they’d like to see and hear. This approach will keep your mind supple, your heart open, your soul caring and generous – and it will keep you “growing forward.”

It will keep you informed about how well you’re serving others. It’s a great way to become more aware of how your voice is perceived in terms of what works, and what needs attention.

Use the Forums

Use the forums to share information and experiences that will help you remain open, strong, and also malleable when you need to change or adapt to a situation. Ask for suggestions on how to build on your strengths. Solicit new material for your song sets, ideas for new songs, or themes and topics for special events or speaking engagements.

Service Success

Honor the individual strengths of your unique voice by using them to enhance the material you present and perform. Understand your passions and objectives in communicating with and serving your audience. These are your focal points for optimizing your vocal strengths.

This positive attitude of using your unique gifts to serve others will give you peace and purpose through the rough patches and smooth stretches. It will help you press on past any unexpected stalls and crawls that will creep up occasionally on your journey to true singing success.