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A couple of years ago, one of my best friends started me on a program called the 50/50 Plan. It’s super simple and requires no use of a gym, weights or machines, so you can do it virtually anywhere. The results are incredible if you will dedicate yourself and stick with it. Basically the plan is to do 50 sit-ups and 50 push-ups every day. It is best to do them all at one time. I prefer to break mine down into sets of 25. Typically when I wake up, I hop out of bed and begin the day by doing 25 sit-ups followed by 25 push-ups. Then I repeat with one more set of each. The best part of this routine is that it gets the blood flowing to the brain and body right away. It’s better than coffee for getting your systems alert. Plus you daily strengthen and define the muscle groups you are working on. Before you know it, you will be ready for the next cover of Men’s Health!

What does this have to do with singing you might ask? I would suggest it has everything to do with singing well. As we know, the vocal cords are muscles. They require all the same things any other muscle group might need, like rest, hydration, conditioning, strengthening, and blood flow. You may have never thought of yourself as an athlete, but in essence you are just that. You are a vocal athlete! If you really want to win at this race of mastering your vocals and becoming a world class singer, then I would strongly suggest incorporating a daily workout routine into your life. I prefer to do the 50/50 in conjunction with some cardio and aerobic exercises which will help your breathing. If you start with some of these simple steps, not only will you feel better for doing it, you will sing better!

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