Warm Up Your Winning Game Plan For Singing Success

Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a relatively new kid on the chopping block, you still need to warm up and be prepared before every performance.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an audition, that first time gig at your favorite neighborhood bar and grill, or if you’re getting ready for a local competition, you owe it to yourself and to those within earshot to be fully warmed up and prepared.

On the day of a performance, audition, road show, or competition there are a few key rules to follow that will help optimize opportunity and deter detours and roadblocks.

Just Before Showtime

Brett Manning certified associate Jason Catron recommends rest as being one of the keys to a successful performance.

In his video clip, “Day of Show Routine,” he encourages going for a walk and humming or gently vocalizing as ways to relax while gently warming up, especially when engaged in a tour of shows while on the road.

Hydration and proper nutrition are also encouraged, especially when challenged by a variety of venues, climates, and stressors.

As the time for the performance approaches, he advises engaging in a full warm up for between 20 and 30 minutes to include lip rolls, tongue rolls and other forms of vocalizing to help connect to the voice and cord closure.

Set Your Timeline

It’s important to establish a specific timeline in getting yourself ready for any performance. You can take time to vocalize the notes you’ll sing in the audition piece, competition song, or your song set. You want to engage the vocalizing long enough so that you know you’ll be singing at your peak when your name and number is called for the audition – or when you get your cue to hit the stage.

Confidence Boosters

For many people, it’s important to have someone you know well that naturally boosts your confidence at every performance. Even in cases of auditions or closed set competitions, it can be helpful to have someone nearby to help get you pumped up, and to help you calm down afterward as you assess your performance. In those cases where they’re in the audience, they can help you put your self-critique in proper perspective after the show.

However, there will be times when this person can’t make it, or is not allowed at a closed audition or competition. In such situations, you can hold them in your mind and heart to help you concentrate as you prepare. You can also then imagine them seated in the audience beyond your point of focus as you sing.

It’s Only A Test

It can also be very beneficial to perform your audition or competition piece, or even preview your song set, a day or two before to get feedback, to work out some kinks, and test the waters as you build your confidence. And make it a habit to take a moment before you perform to visualize your success.

Whenever you’re facing a situation that you feel might be extra nerve racking, practice your piece or routine with distractions and disruptions to help you focus and concentrate. These should be much worse than anything you will likely face. Just as athletes make practice sessions more grueling than the games they play, the same approach can work effectively for audition and competition scenarios.

There’s Always Competition

But remember, the nature of singing – and the music industry itself – is at its core competitive. You are always auditioning for approval, competing to sell your voice, to deliver a message, to move an audience. So, do all you can to be at the top of your game when it’s your time to shine.

Set Goals + Targets

Make a list of a few key goals for each performance, competition, audition, studio gig, or road show. Evaluate your performance afterward to gauge your accomplishments and to measure proximity to hitting your targets.

Compare To Compete

Share your preparation routines, tips, and strategies with others at singingsuccess.tv via the forum threads. Check out the video clip by BMA coach Shelby Rollins called “Get The Voice Ready For Competition.” Use the programs such as The Pro-Singer’s Warm Up, Singing Success, Mastering Mix, and the 7 Habits series to keep you performing at your very best. Warming up your winning game plan will help to ensure your ultimate singing success.

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