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So I’ve been away for a few months on maternity leave, since my husband and I
welcomed our beautiful daughter into our world on January 6th. The last
three months have been amazing, hard, exciting, exhausting, and a lot of
fun. And, although I love to sing to my little one, I haven’t been (until just recently) properly vocalizing since Christmas (GASP!). Guess what folks? A baby
is more important than my “Nay nay nays.”

The time away has taught me a couple things I wasn’t expecting and a
couple things I was expecting. Most obviously, when you don’t practice for 3
months….your voice is weak, out of shape, and a bit broken. It’s like not
working out for a looooong time and then trying to exercise the same way
again…it just doesn’t happen like you’d want it to. While I still have the
muscle memory of good coordination, my cords aren’t strong enough to do what
I know they are capable of just yet.

It’s a bit humbling in that regard. Like Michael Jordan getting fat and
slow. By the way, I’m not comparing myself to Michael. Not pretending to be
the greatest voice ever–haha! But hopefully you get my meaning. When the
goods ain’t there, you get humbled. So I’m working on that…

The things I didn’t expect were in regard to actually teaching. I feared my
mind being rusty – pregnancy brain and newborn fog have caused me to forget
everything, make up words, and forget basic grammar. However, I was
pleasantly surprised when I turned my brain back on to teaching that not
only did it return to me but the challenge of remembering made me find new
ways of communicating concepts. That, in turn, makes me a better teacher
because I can now appeal to more types of singers.

Sometimes a break does a body good! While I still have some working out to
do vocally, I’m excited about the new breakthrough that my time away has
afforded me. It’s a great opportunity to be better. So singers, remember:
Stay in shape, but let your mind have a vacation. You may happen upon some
breakthroughs that you never expected!

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