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Brett Manning's Singing Success is an international brand consisting of the world's best selling vocal training products as well as the web's only comprehensive video database (SingingSuccess.TV) featuring hundreds of singing lessons, vocal tips, artist interviews, artist performances and testimonials. If you've ever had any doubts about vocal training products and software, please watch and read hundreds of artist and customer testimonials about our products.

The Singing Success brand offers 15 physical and downloadable products that will assist in your vocal training. We have products that help you learn to sing high notes. Products that teach you how to sing commercially. How to sing with vibrato and many more. How to tap into and master your Mix voice which bridges the gap between head voice and chest voice. Our most popular product, the Full Singing Success Program, contains 12 CDs, an instructional DVD and a comprehensive workbook that will help beginning, intermediate and advanced singers achieve their vocal goals.

Our advanced vocal training program, Mastering Mix, has become extremely popular for vocalists and singers that are ready for the next level in vocal training. There has never been a product created that focuses on the elusive Mix voice.

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Improve your voice with our unique vocal techniques, vocal exercises, online voice lessons and learn to sing rock, opera, pop, folk ,country, jazz, Christian and many other genres of music.

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