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What Makes Christmas Music So Special?

It’s that special time of the year again when we all get festive and put on the tried and true Christmas music. To me, it’s like sitting with and listening to an old friend talk about the good old days. Each year I can hardly wait to begin playing my favorite songs by my favorite artists. Honestly, I never get tired of them. They are playing in my car, on my ipod, and in my house nearly 24/7 until January 1st rolls around. What is it that makes these songs so special?

Songs like… “O Holy NIght”, “Silent Night”, “The Christmas Song”, and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”—Just to name a few!

I mean, there must be something special about these hundreds-of-years-old songs that still ring out loud and clear year after year.

I think there are many reasons why they have become classics. First and foremost is their connection to the most wonderful time of the year. We all hold the season near and dear to our hearts as we remember years past and gather with friends and family in the present. It’s a time to put pain and fear behind; a time for the world to be silent and ponder the many blessings in our lives. Songs have been the soundtrack to all this, and so we love them!

Another important reason for the longevity of Christmas songs is the great musicality they exhibit. Many of the great melodies and lyrics in modern music make up our favorite carols. I’m sure you have heard someone say, “they sure don’t write songs like that anymore”. There is some truth to that. As society has changed, so has our taste for music and what we consider current. So it’s no mystery that a special and sentimental time like Christmas would recall nostalgic, tried and true carols to color the season.

As a singer, I love this time of year, because I love to sing Christmas
songs. As a kid, I remember standing in front of our tree singing my favorite carols at the top of my lungs. I remember singing in our little church in Kentucky each year, and getting a parts in our Christmas plays. Those special moments will be with me the rest of my days. I’m still singing those songs today. I just recently completed my first Christmas CD, and I put my favorite carols on it. I can’t sing them enough! So as a singer, and as a coach, let me encourage you to pull out some of your favorites, stand in front of the tree, and celebrate the season by singing your heart out! It really does make the season Merrier!

Merry Christmas!

Jason Catron
BMA Los Angeles

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