What’s Right for What’s Left of the Year

Now that you’re a little over halfway through the year, it’s time to assess your progress by looking back at the beginning of the year for any goals you set or dreaded resolutions you made.

Note any successes, especially

those cases where you exceeded expectations. Note any contingencies that made things more challenging. Note the impact that working through these challenges have had on advancing your career. Confirm and affirm the results.

Think back over the connections you’ve made through networking since January. In what areas have you developed the most as a result of gathering information or building relationships through these connections?

Best Bet = Brett

Where do you stand in terms of training directives? What adjustments have you made? How effective has your daily or weekly routine been? What areas need more attention? How many sessions have you booked with Brett Manning’s certified associates? What products are you using to strengthen your voice?

It’s also important to consider areas of instruction that can be used to support your vocal training. For those engaged in voice-driven careers that require public speaking, acting classes would be a great choice to develop and refine interpretive skills. Acting classes would help singers with those skills as well.

Training Supplements

Story structure classes or even joining a book club would help with further refining communication skills. It would also help with understanding issues such as themes, plot points, character motivation, and conflict resolution. The study of story elements will help singers and speakers relate to the bigger picture of a song or speech as a story, with themes and messages to be conveyed. It provides additional exercise for interpretive skills and can heighten vocal colors, shapes, and textures to incorporate with delivery.

It Comes in Three’s

Ask yourself who are three professionals that you would define as competitors or even role models for you as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, actor, actress, motivational speaker, broadcast journalist, or others that reflect or represent the goals for your voice-driven career?

Note all that you have in common with each of the three. What strengths do you admire most and aspire to in each? How are they different than you? How are they similar? In what ways does each inspire you? What is most unique about each person?

Uniquely Yours

What do you feel are your unique qualities? What are three major accomplishments that would define your voice-driven career as successful? What are three key goals that you want to meet this year in building your career? What has been your proudest moment or greatest achievement so far in your voice-driven career? What would you like to be recognized or remembered for in your career?

Acknowledging these will help you focus on your goals and the impact you want to have with your singing, speaking, and all other aspects of your voice-driven career.

Room for Improvement

What is one critical adjustment that you must make in order to increase your chances for further success? Who are the people that you’d like to reach that you haven’t had much success with so far? What needs to be done to make that happen?

How has Brett Manning’s teaching impacted your voice? How has this impacted your confidence as a singer or speaker? What impact has Brett’s training had on your overall confidence outside of your voice-driven career?

Five Quality Keys, Please

What are five key qualities you aspire to in defining the purpose of your voice-driven career? In other words, what qualities are needed in order to be successful? What are at least three positive steps you can take before the end of the year that will incorporate these qualities and affirm progress in your voice-driven career?

Giving Back

Giving is a critical facet of living a life filled with promise and payoff. How are you using what you’ve learned this year in your voice-driven career to make a difference for others?

Think about any charitable events you’ve participated in or can sign up for. Also note how many singers, speakers, performers, and others that use their voices to make a living, that you’ve introduced to Brett’s teaching through SingingSuccess.TV or through his products. Spread the good news!

Who are you encouraging through the SingingSuccess.TV forums? Name at least five people you will personally commit to encouraging!


It’s important to have people in your life with whom you can be transparent, open, and honest. These are people that help you to stay true to your gift in pursuing success. These are people you can also seek for advice and turn to during tough times. These are people for whom you can also provide a shoulder to lean on and provide critical feedback. So, who are your accountability partners? What changes need to be made in order for this partnership to be more effective?

Be Responsible

Take responsibility for making the most of every opportunity to positively impact others with the gift of your unique voice. Be serious in your career pursuit, but be just as serious in the breaks you give yourself and others as you take time to refresh and refuel.

Give Thanks

Honor your mentors and loved ones. Give thanks to those who’ve had a hand in shaping your vision, engaging your heart, opening your mind, enriching your soul, and strengthening your gifts.

Use this assessment to refine and further define your place and purpose, as a singer, singer-songwriter, singing musician, motivational speaker, broadcast journalist, comedian – however you choose to inspire and encourage others with your voice. Make a commitment to turn the rest of this year into giving your best for your voice-driven career.

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