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I realize this may seem like a rhetorical question to most disciplined singers. But many singers out there, often the most talented ones, lack any semblance of warm ups, drills, or practicing routines. As talented as some singers are, I want this to surprise me. But often pride or contentment get in the way. Can you imagine if you are already THAT good without practicing how much better you could be if you did???

Too many of us are simply content with where our voices are. I’ve been guilty of this. As a coach, I need to ALWAYS be pushing myself to the limits to be the best I can be. But it’s easy to sit on my laurels and just be “good enough to teach.” Ugh. That’s gross right?? Also…bad stewardship of a gift.

Here is another issue. We think we sound pretty good, so why work on elementary things like technique? Ew. Also gross. Technique is not something you graduate from. It’s something you constantly develop. The physical (technique) builds the aesthetic (artistic quality). Just like working out gets you a good looking body. See? The physical builds the aesthetic. Sometimes the seemingly slow and laborious route is the quickest and most efficient. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? The faster animal was the least efficient and therefore the slow and steady animal won the race.

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