You’re Not In This Alone

A lot of you probably don’t live in a major urban area like New York or L.A. or Chicago or Atlanta. You may not be in a region where there’s much going on in terms of a vibrant live music scene such as Austin, Texas or Boston or Memphis. And then, there’s Nashville, the home base for Brett Manning Studios.

If you can’t make it to Nashville for one on one sessions with one of Brett Manning’s associates (BMA), or there isn’t a trained BMA vocal coach in your area, and you don’t have Skype, here’s a suggestion that will help you further develop and train.

Share Your Learning Experience

Get together with a small group of others who want to find and develop their unique voice as singers. Compare notes and offer feedback to each other on exercises and techniques covered in Brett Manning’s programs. Having that live aspect is a great reinforcement tool for support and encouragement.

You may want to simply get together after you’ve gone through an individual CD/DVD lesson to talk about experience and relate what worked west, what you need to work on, and even see if maybe your perception of the intent or content in the lesson differs. This will serve to make the learning experience richer and more real for you and all involved.

Stay Connected

For those involved in live performance such as coffee house or café shows, church or school choirs, and theatre, you can share how what you’re learning is helping to enhance your performance. You can get feedback on how the impact of the training on your performance skills is influencing and affecting others.

This is all one more way to keep circles of connections as a living part of your development as a communicator and artist. You don’t want to strictly confine yourself to the world of feeling like you’re in an isolation booth. There are times when you need to feel like you’re in a safe place by yourself. But singing isn’t truly complete without an audience. It becomes talking to yourself. So, part of training is actively engaging others for feedback, critique, acceptance, and applause.

Giving As You Grow

Given the state of our economy right now, finances might be an issue when it comes to investing in a program that you know you need. If it’s a case where your finances are tight, pool your resources with a friend and purchase a program for the two of you.

As your confidence and success grows set aside funds a little bit at a time so you can one day use those funds to purchase a program to encourage someone else. It’s like a scholarship fund. It says to yourself, “I know I’m a success, and I want others to be successful.” It’s one way to activate that part of giving back that will also further validate your gifts as a singer. Believe you will be a success and make a commitment to share the wealth that comes from that belief!

Mastering Mix and Singing Success

Brett Manning and his associates are committed to providing the best, most effective, proven training for vocalists. You want to get with these programs and stick with them in order to give yourself the best possible tools for realizing your fullest potential as a singer. These lessons will stay with you, will become second nature, and will not have to be unlearned – because they work!

Remember that a bad teaching is worse than no teaching because it encourages bad habits, poor techniques, and creates an extra hurdle for you to have to leap over in order to get to what’s right and good in your unique gift.

There are no shortcuts to success but there is a road that cuts the most clearly direct path to that success. Cut to the chase and pursuing your dreams by investing in Mastering Mix and Singing Success.

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