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One of the keys to effective marketing is to have product available that showcases your voice and material. You need to put together a CD that uniquely defines what it is that you bring to an audience. In order to make this marketing piece most effective, it’s important to have a clear feel for your target audience, those people you can reach heart to heart.

In choosing your material, think of the people you most likely want to reach. Then, take those songs and select the ones that you personally relate to the most. This will help you further define your image and give you a stronger sense of the direction you want to take as a singer or singer-songwriter.

Start At The End

This once again ties into a previous blog entry that invites you to start at the end and work backward. Here, you start with your target audience. You then work backward as you arrange a CD product or even live show song set that (1) hits home in your heart, and (2) appeals most strongly to people that you feel connected to.

This approach in no way excludes those listeners who fall outside of the target audience. What it does is validate and reinforce your sense of image, style, and sound. It connects you to a sense of authenticity in terms of your artistry.

It also gives you a clear sense of specifics with communication. You know what you like and you’re sharing it with those you feel will understand you best and feel connected to.

Appeal To Trained Ears

You also want to make your CD available as part of Press Kit for industry connections as you self-promote. Maybe the target audience in this case is an A&R contact with a record company with golden ears or it could be a music publisher looking for songs to plug. It might be a management company who wants to know more about who you are both in and out of the studio or on and off stage.

In cases where your product will be scrutinized with industry ears, take into consideration how your CD sounds in terms of artists like you that are receiving air play. You may want to have an industry CD with different material or perhaps with the tracks shuffled to appeal to specific music labels, publishing houses, or other industry contacts.

Also consider sharing your material with local recording studios, song plugger’s, and publishers that are always looking for vocal talent for session work. Many well-known performers have done demo work such as Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks. It certainly didn’t hurt their careers.

Quality Comes From Within

You must make production quality a top priority, but more important than that is your unique voice and its strengths and quirks that help you grab the attention of listeners, capture their imagination, and move their hearts in a way that nobody else quite can.

So focus on what you love most and those you relate to best in defining a target audience. Select or create material that feeds this relationship and your passion. Then, get into the studio and put together that CD that will leave your listener begging to hear more.

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