Your Proof Positive Approach to Singing Success

Never underestimate the power of negatives to shoot down your potential and keep you from doing your best and from encouraging others.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pursuing a career as a singer, broadcast journalist, actress, singer-songwriter, motivational speaker, politician, or any career that is voice-driven, negativity can infect your sense of worth and distort your perception of your gifts and the gifts of others. This is all the more reason to do whatever you can to boost your confidence and shore up your competence in the pursuit of your vocal career.

Fight The Negative With Positive Evidence

First and foremost, you must stay firmly grounded on the inside. Simply stated, you must belief in yourself. You must know in your heart that you are uniquely gifted, and you need to keep positive evidence of your unique value close at hand so it can be quickly tapped to help shield you from the many negatives you’ll face in the pursuit of your career.

Record + Reflect

One of the most effective tools for helping you stay positive and be more resilient is to keep a record that reflects positive proof of your impact on others, obstacles you’ve overcome, any major achievements, along with encouraging feedback you’ve received.
There is a natural tendency for us to dwell on negatives; and sadly, negativity is potent. It saps energy, kills ideas, clouds thinking, and invites self-destructive behavior.

Document + Review

Anyone that pursues a career in the public arena is wide open to toxic feedback – whether it’s a concert stage, recording studio, a hotel ballroom for a conference, a courtroom, classroom, an off-Broadway black box theatre, or the runway at a local pageant. It is absolutely essential to your survival that you document and revisit all evidence that affirms your unique place in your chosen career, and in your everyday walk.

Brett Manning Affirms What’s Truly Yours

One of the many positives in Brett Manning’s coaching methods is that he affirms the uniqueness of each individual. His teaching does not tear down or distort, it uncovers, builds up, explores, and enhances all aspects of the vocal instrument that is uniquely yours to engage.

Keep a File + Journal

So, it’s vital that you record this evidence of positive impact by creating a file on your MAC or PC, and by keeping a handwritten journal, to document specific examples of positive feedback, achievement, feelings of accomplishment, goals met or surpassed – whatever you receive that inspires, enlightens, engages, and encourages you to give your best as you press on, must be recorded in your journal and noted in your file. The physical act of maintaining a handwritten journal appeals to the senses like signing an agreement, initiating a recording contract, or endorsing a check. It is a physical, sensory act of validation.

Drive + Survive + Thrive

You’ll discover that these two proof-positive tools for documenting evidence of the impact of your gifts will help you get through tough times. You’ll find they help to keep you focused on your dream career when you face desert seasons or plateaus where you feel stuck or need a little extra patience to persist. They’ll energize you when you have a rough performance or receive some harsh feedback. They’ll serve to nurture you when the nature of what you’re facing has too many negatives.

Rebuttal + Recovery

For any negatives that really get to you and are hard to shake, reserve a section in your journal and create an extra MAC or PC file, that you will refer to as a rebuttal or recovery plan. Your goal is to address the statement or incident that stings or threatens your sense of worth, by making a case for refuting whatever occurred or was said.

Cut to What’s True

In assessing each of these items to refute, make your case for why it’s not true. You want to also be open and honest about why it got to you. Maybe you were exhausted or not feeling well. But most likely something in the incident or criticism struck a nerve. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it struck a nerve because of some element of truth. It might have touched a sensitive area regarding an issue you’ve had to deal with in the past, are dealing with now, or must process on a daily basis.

Make Positive Points

Your rebuttal must state the truth about you with regard to each incident. If a nerve is touched or your vulnerability has been exposed, or you’ve been wounded in some way by what happened, address what you are doing to do to affirm your gifts, become a stronger, well-rounded and grounded individual, and deal with the issue. You want to turn each negative into a positive point that is backed by a clear plan of action.

An Image Issue

An example of something hurtful may be an image issue. You may have had or may still be facing some fitness issues. If a comment was made that triggered your inner critic, you want to challenge that allegation, by presenting your positive plan of action in addressing the issue. Put that negative trigger in its place, and take away its power, by presenting a persuasive positive action plan for rebuttal.

Specific + Indisputable

Your focus in creating your proof positive file and journal is to provide specific, indisputable evidence of the positive impact of your unique gifts, and your potential for success in the vocal career or voice-driven profession of your choice.


Share the results of keeping the proof positive file and journal via the SingingSuccess.TV forums. Look for ways to encourage others to focus on their positives. Make it a point to boost the spirits of at least one other person that you encounter with each visit to the site.

Stand Your Ground + Stake Greater Claims

It is so much easier to tear down than it is to build up. But the proof positive file and journal will help you stand your ground and stake your claim to greener pastures. When your vision is focused and framed by proven positives, your unique light stands a much better chance to be recognized and celebrated as it overcomes shadowy negatives and harsh unflattering angles in the bigger picture.

Believe in your unique gift, and let Brett Manning’s teaching tools and his certified associates help you achieve the full positive potential for your career.

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