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by Giuseppe Lopizzo

I keep seeing way too many students coming to my studio hating their own voice.

How is that possible?

You are hating something that is absolutely unique, distinctive, personal, it is different from any other sound in nature, you are the only one in the world with that particular voice and you don’t recognize it as a treasure?

If you start looking at it with this attitude, I am sure you will see things differently. You have to enjoy the uniqueness of your sound, discover its possibilities, its colors.

This way of thinking has to be the necessary condition before and during your study. Technique will help you to better deliver this precious gem. It will help you better understand how it works, but your attitude towards it makes the difference. You will not see astonishing results if you work on something that you don’t like. How many times this occurred to you at school when you had to study a subject you loved, and it took you little effort to have great results? On the other hand, when you had to practice a subject you hated, even if you tried your best, results were hard to see. Did you ever experience this? To me it was with math!

So I suggest you spend some time alone with your voice today before starting your daily routine of exercises. Listen to it, listen to its colors, its texture; create different sounds in complete freedom. Sing some lines of your favorite song; don’t concentrate on technique yet, just listen to your voice and allow it to be free.

Believe me, after that, it will be much easier to vocalize and to take the best out of your voice: your unique treasure!


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