Your Very Own Tribute Concert

One of our goals is to help you find creative ways to get your voice heard, appreciated, and then requested on a regular basis. Brett Manning’s Singing Success and Mastering Mix programs and his vocal coaches and associates will help you develop your vocal potential and encourage your artistic development. Many of the blogs provided are designed to work on triggering some ideas for planning, developing, and delivering your unique voice to an audience.

A few of many groups of people that are often overlooked or are somewhat isolated are our military personnel, patients at various hospitals for children, hospice care, and residents of nursing homes and similar facilities. Each of these groups needs to feel appreciated, remembered, and entertained.

Showcase With Honor

Think of getting together a group of performers to put on a show that will be filmed or videotaped and then delivered to troops overseas or children in recovery or residents of a variety assisted care facilities. Your music event will showcase your voice and performance while validating individuals that need that recognition.

Depending on the situation or circumstances, you could include small tributes to individuals by name. It could be a song dedication or a bit of information about an accomplishment of someone or it can be something more broad-based such as saluting our troops, asking people to visit assisted-care facilities, or send cards and notes to kids that are sick.

Share The Event

The point is that your unique voice is then framed in a way that has a positive impact on the life of someone from your community. Best of all, the people that are honored can see the show either on line via you tube or on a DVD sent to them. Your biggest challenge will be cost issues that can be defrayed by contributions requested at your live concert.

Your live concert can feature photos of those being honored along with brief biographies. There may be family members present that can share stories or mementos that serve to make the event hit home in the heart. Learning a little bit about those you’re honoring and sharing it would be a nice touch. For songwriters, you could write an original piece for the general cause or theme of the event.

Adapt The Concept

This concept can also be adapted to honor teachers, missionaries, clergy, social services, scout leaders, lifeguards, mentors – the potential for honoring others by sharing your gift is immeasurable. This concept can even be developed to salute your local heroes. But the idea of those that are often either overlooked or not seen makes the showcase-event even more powerful.

Find Those To Honor

Check with local branches of military services to get information on how to get names of service personnel in your area. Check with local or regional hospitals for information on their childrens’ wards or for facilities exclusively dedicated to treatment for kids.

Check with local social services to find assisted-care facilities, including hospice care and nursing homes so that plans for outreach and details for delivering the program can be made.

Serve To Support

This is a sensitive issue with privacy concerns along the way. Your event must not be first and foremost to showcase your gifts. In order for it to be a real success it must first and foremost honor those that are in the background or trenches, or those that have been overlooked or forgotten.

Your service in the validation of these people comes with no price tag or rising number on the chart. But it will help to give an extra sense of purpose and meaning with what you serve at life’s table.