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As you press on in your journey to singing success, take time at the end of each week to do a self-assessment. It can be as detailed as you want it to be. The most important thing is to be brutally honest in the process. Don’t overlook areas you know need work or hide from opportunities you missed. Make note of bouts with hesitation or procrastination. But also make note of growth, achievement, accomplishment, compliments, and other moments of shine.

Two Simple Q’s

Begin the assessment by asking yourself two key questions: what worked? What didn’t work? See what comes to mind when you think back on the week’s goals, activities, or lack thereof. Take your time as you revisit actions taken, delayed, or even denied. You don’t have to write down everything. What you’re looking for here are those things that clearly stick with you, eat at you, fuel your drive, or get under your skin.

After you work through your initial list of things that worked and things that didn’t, follow up with: what do I need to do to improve? You want to create an action plan or next step for building on or correcting each item that has come to your attention. This activity may trigger working on a detailed journal or even brainstorming in some way.

Safe Havens

Choose a location for engaging your weekly assessment that you find to be nurturing, healing, inspiring, or energizing. For example, if you’re a gym rat, it might be at the juice bar in the fitness center where you have a membership. If you’re more spiritually inclined, you might choose a spot that has sacred significance or provides a prayerful place for you. You might conduct your assessment at a table in your favorite live music venue.

In Motion With Devotion

I know one person that does her assessment in her favorite city park. She then visualizes the corrective and refining measures she has noted as she goes for her run and walk afterward. For her, the run serves as an exercise in setting things in motion. Another person I know does his assessment while canoeing. For him, the river represents the will to apply his streaming conscious effort to jam and jive through the traffic of life’s daily ebb and flow. The rowing reinforces his need to assert himself as he pushes through.

Points That Click

So, choose some place that has significance for you in terms of reflecting, redressing, regrouping, and refreshing. It should ideally be some place where you can focus and are not driven to distraction. Incorporate a simple activity afterward such as a walk to solidify your course of action for following up.

Circle + Connect

Doing your weekly assessment is also a good time to make note of the status of any key relationships in your circles of connections that may need attention. Choose at least two that you will check in with during the next week. In addition, make note of one contact or connection you feel you need to make and will also pursue in the next few days. You will then note the results as part of your assessment next week. This can become a weekly, monthly, or biweekly action for review in your assessment.

Working Out

The goal in all of this is to keep you keenly in tune with where you stand, where you stumbled, where you fell short, and what must take place to get back on track and stay there. Your weekly goal is to walk on with a clearly defined purpose, greater wisdom, and more confidence. But you also want to take on challenges that force you to stretch, bend, and otherwise exercise your fullest potential.

Share + Encourage

Once you do your assessment in your safe place, feel free to meet with others that are engaged in charting and staying the course for their singing success. It can also be very helpful to include others that are not singers, singer-songwriters, or singing musicians to engage in this weekly activity.

A more diverse mix of people can trigger new ideas, fresh perspectives, and spark creativity while sharing and encouraging each other. It provides positive reinforcement for pressing on.

Yours Forever

This weekly assessment is ongoing. It’s a forever activity. It serves to remind you that creative endeavor is a vibrant, living resource that requires constant engagement and attention. It thrives on feedback, and it nourishes the heart and spirit of all who serve to share their unique gifts on the road to singing success.

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