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Dive deeper into singing with articles on vocal technique, style, and health!

Vocal Technique

big stage goals for 2022

5 Achievable Vocal Goals for 2022

| Vocal Technique | No Comments
Happy new year! Make your next twelve months of singing the best ever with 5 Achievable Vocal Goals for 2022!
woman sitting in bed practicing songs on guitar and piano

How to Sing Challenging Songs

| Vocal Technique | No Comments
No matter how skilled you are at singing, you will encounter songs that are hard to sing. Challenging songs are a blessing in disguise because they present an opportunity for…
vocal range

Six Steps to Increase Your Vocal Range

| Vocal Technique | No Comments
High notes can be so inspiring and frustrating at the same time. Our favorite singers make them look so easy, but when we try them ourselves, they can be everything…
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Vocal Style

Did You Ruin Your Voice by Correcting Your Technique?

| Vocal Style | No Comments
Have you ever known a singer who sounded worse after taking singing lessons? The unfortunate reality of vocal training is that some instructors teach technique in a way that stifles…

Does My Voice Sound Good When I Sing?

| Vocal Style | No Comments
Do you ever feel lost about how your voice actually sounds when you sing? Use the Three T’s to analyze your singing more effectively!

The Voice-Type Curse

| Vocal Style | No Comments
The way you think about your voice can hold you back or propel you forward. The voice-type line of thinking can be so harmful that it is like a curse,…
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