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Vocal Technique

3 Steps to Stop Shouting for High Notes

Shouting for high notes might be holding you back from your full singing potential. There is a better way!

Top 10 Mistakes Causing Voice Breaks

Most voice breaks experienced by singers are totally preventable. In fact, they usually happen as a result of user error. 

How to Maximize Vocal Endurance

Want to sing longer without your voice getting tired? Here’s how you do it!

Vocal Style

Are you a “real singer”?

Have you struggled lately with the idea that you’re not a real singer? Even the most talented singers fall victim to imposter syndrome. 

5th Man Obligation 

You’re the 5th man on the basketball team. If you don’t show up, the game is ruined. Greatness makes no excuses. Do you?

7 Remedies for Bad Vocal Style

Your singing might be boring, distasteful, or weird, and you may not even know it. Or maybe you do know it, but just don’t know …

Vocal Health

7 Signs that Your Voice Needs Rest

Feeling clueless about when your voice needs rest? Most singers only realize the need for a vocal break after it’s too late.

10 Steps to Decrease Vocal Mucus

Regulating mucus levels is an important part of voice training. Here are ten strategies to decrease excess mucus on the vocal cords.

Risk Factors for Vocal Cord Cancer

Every year, tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. Read to learn about the risk factors of vocal cord cancer.

Vocal Tips

The Crossover Singer

The crossover singer is someone who is able to achieve success while melding several genres or styles of music together to inform their sound. Through …

Why Take Voice Lessons?

I have encountered a very high number of artists who believe they do not need voice lessons because their voice is good enough. Yes, while …

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