Mastering Vibrato focuses on teaching singers to control wobbly (slow) or “machine gun vibrato" (fast and choppy)...

Because the ultimate vibrato consists of five to seven waves or oscillations per second, each oscillation requires a half-step. Anything wider (like a whole step), sounds more like a warble or tremolo which sounds like an aged and labored voice.

Listening to singers that Brett has trained like Keith Urban, Mark Kibble and Claude McKnight of Take 6, and first runner-up of American Idol’s Season Number 14, Clark Beckham... You hear a common thread in all of their voices: a well-mastered and controlled vibrato.

Good vibrato beautifies the voice and even sets the mixed voice free from excess tension. Bad vibrato kills musical careers. In this course, the singer learns to control the rate and depth of oscillation for each musical style.

Check out what's inside:

  • how to develop an ear to differentiate a truly good and bad vibrato
  • the 3 mechanisms that actually build, speed up, control or slow down vibrato at will
  • when and why you should use vibrato in various words and phrases of your music
  • why vibrato can sometimes be intrusive to the ear of the listener
  • how to not use vibrato when necessary!
  • how the mastery of vibrato instantly makes you recognizable as a great singer
  • and much more...
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