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VIP Membership

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Increase your range, control your tone and find your style with the most comprehensive vocal training program in the world. Guaranteed results or your money back.

Vocal Hacks

Vocal Hacks

100+ vocal tips and tricks that will quickly "hack" your voice, and ensure results fast.

Mastering Mix

Mastering Mix

Unlock your commercial voice! Mastering Mix teaches you how to effectively mix your head and chest voice - (a must for any professional singer) and it is the ONLY product of its kind.

Mastering Harmony

Mastering Harmony

Learning how to sing harmony and hear harmony is essential for any professional or aspiring singer.

Mastering Vibrato

Mastering Vibrato

Learn how to control timing, beautify your voice, and allow your voice to sing freely without any excess tension.

Vocal Therapy

Vocal Therapy

Comprehensive exercises that will restore a voice damaged from straining, aggressive singing, sickness, or anything else.

Range Builder

Range Builder

Add 1-2 octaves to your voice. Increase your range and stretch your voice.

How to Sing Rock

How to Sing Rock

The vital program for the serious rock singer. Take your voice to the extremes safely and effectively.

Learn how to sing with Brett Manning’s systematic vocal training program. Our vocal coaches all follow Brett’s method, providing the best coaching in the world right from our studios here on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee! Learn from our online courses here or schedule a lesson with one of our vocal training coaches. We will help you to find Singing Success!

If you want to fast-track your singing, don’t miss our full line of vocal programs that can help you learn to sing: Singing Success 360Range BuilderMastering MixVocal HacksMastering VibratoMastering Harmony, and Vocal Therapy.

All these courses can be accessed individually or together as part of our VIP membership that will give you ALL ACCESS to ALL our program and an online community of supportive fellow members/singers, Singing Success vocal coaches, 100’s of additional lessons, warmups, tips, Q & A and special guests.

We help fast-track your vocal development through systematic exercises that improve your vocal power, tone, style, and longevity. We start with simple yet extremely transformative singing exercises and slowly transition into more advanced ones. If you feel overwhelmed or your voice struggles with the technique, the self-study program can be modified and taken at a slower pace. See them HERE.

Advantages of Online Singing Programs


In an era of online singing lessons, private singing lessons in person, and various forms of vocal technique, choosing professional vocal coaches or the best online singing courses can be daunting.

One thing needed is a checklist displaying the features and benefits of online singing courses.

One difficulty of this ✅ style of window shopping is this:

Not all lessons, courses, and methods bring the same results for all singers. Vocal technique is a very hotly debated subject; so beyond features and benefits, there needs to be…..

PRT- Philosophy, Research, and Technology

The PRT supporting the technique must have a proven track record, great testimonials and examples.

Because most every coach uses the same buzz words and cliches, we should question whether that is enough. Phrases like:

Give it more support-

Nearly every coach uses this catch phrase. But what happens when you have more than enough support or TOO much diaphragmatic pressure causing excess throat tension? More diaphragmatic support won’t do it.

Open your throat-

If this advice is given without discernment, it can and does actually cause singers to add unnecessary throat tension. This begs the question…. ‘how open is enough?’

Bring the tone further forward-

This can be helpful if your tone sounds dull, muddy or swallowed. But this desired result needs an exercise to accomplish the outcome. It’s a lot like saying, “try singing pretty,” rather than showing ‘how’ to sing pretty.

Relax your throat-

Again, this can be helpful. But some vocal exercises actually cause additional, wrong tension.

These are just a few of the ‘catch phrases’ often used. If these are the answer, nearly everyone would be great singers.

Tradition vs Innovation

Contemporary singing uses tones, recording technology and extremely diverse genres of singing. Your own voice should be distinct. If traditional singing lessons supported this, there would be no need for innovation.

Singing skills require massive consumption of musical styles and singing styles from every decade and singing style.

Now, tradition can be excellent and definitely has it’s place until… you get stuck doing the same thing as everyone else, even if it’s not working.

Singing at the University

My college experience as a student/singer and years later as a master vocal coach proved that often tradition has to be held on to no matter what.

I remember doing a master class at a large university and taking a ‘supposed baritone up to and E-flat above the male high C (Eb5) when previously, his high note was an F above middle C (F4) less than 30 minutes prior to my ‘unconventional’ and ‘non-traditional’ exercises.

The other students were thrilled and even envious of the results. But the singer was disheartened when he asked his instructor if he could continue these strange new methods, he said sternly “NO! We have to stick to the program!”

What the voice teacher didn’t realize was that the foundations of what I was teaching was rooted in ancient tradition, spanning centuries of written wisdom and various cultures, blended with modern research, science and the old Italian masters: bel canto singing teachers.

Innovation doesn’t negate tradition. It creates newer and ‘sometimes’ better, richer, more successful traditions. Innovation should lean heavily onto and into tradition, but not be limited by statements like….

“This is what we do because we’ve always done this!”

Something else is needed beyond the common traditional list of:

  • Improve your range
  • Eliminate strain
  • Improve tone quality
  • Find your vocal style
  • Improve your phrasing
  • Sing with power

ALL these are great, but this is what everyone promises with learning proper technique and everyone makes this claim.

But with the VAST diversity of methods, they can’t all be right. So what is needed is…

WISE Method™

The WISE method can be applied to all learning systems. And it is a more concise method of researching what is proven to work for you and for everyone.


Examination of the greatest singers throughout all recorded history as well as all written vocal technique (vocal pedagogy), record systems and an open-minded comparison of the biggest, most successful names in vocal coaching…AS WELL AS other hidden gems that might be hidden.

Wisdom is required to KNOW what sound is best made for singers. Also hearing the stress, release, strain, discomfort or freedom that a student might be experiencing.

One definitive marker of wisdom is being able to adjust beliefs and ideologies while seeing clearly enough to not throw out everything you know, just because you’ve learned something new.

Wisdom requires a HONE: a Humble Openness to New Experiences.


Using diversity of schools of thought, unconventional ‘tricks’ and ‘vocal hacks’ as well as vocal and acoustic science, intuition and self experimentation, as well as observing colleagues to see what is actually working!

Learning from others who’ve made every mistake and had to find a safe and effective way to get the best and freest vocal quality out of aspiring vocalists.

Much innovation is simply a ‘God given‘ gift. I’ll explain.

For years, I’ve described my teaching style as attaching my ear and my voice to the student’s voice and feeling what they feel inside their throat and vocal tract (place of resonance), followed up with diagnosing and prescribing for or against what I’m hearing.

In this process, I have cautiously created well over a 1000 different vocal exercises and have put many into my programs, when I see a common success for all singers.

I teach the rest to my coaches as corrective for more specific vocal issues. (As well, I also learn from my coaches as they innovate alongside me in my Nashville Studio).


Results are hard to argue with. When your method regularly adds another octave to singers’ ranges, you have to stop and ask, “What are they doing and why is this working for them” and “Will it work for me?”

One of the biggest hinderances for new singers, as well as experienced pros is “How do I know this is going to work for me?” This is a fair and extremely wise question. You shouldn’t game your TTT—time talent and treasure on something that has claims, but no social proof.

Fortunately, Singing Success has more social proof than any program or system in history. Both domestically and overseas, our testimonials would take so long to shuffle through, that it would be overkill to publish them all.

The singer can relax knowing that this method is proven from over 30 years of teaching and countless global masterclasses demonstrating the effectiveness of our teaching style.


A track record can be established rapidly. Especially if your results are instantaneous. But the problem is…. will it last. Belt with raw chest voice can build an instant big voice, but often these singers don’t develop a blend of head and chest voice—the mixed voice.

And, they get worn out quickly and are far more likely to not have dynamics (soft to loud) because they use loudness to get their voices up higher and fuller.

Time will tell on them. This we know because we do a ton of vocal therapy on belters. Though admittedly, there’s a 100 different interpretations of belting and very few agree to what constitutes a healthy belt sound.

Our disagreement with yelling ‘raw-gut’ chest voice into upper ranges of the voice and overloading the vocal cords.

Finally, experience has seen a lot of things and been around the block a few times. Meaning, this isn’t my first rodeo and I’ve seen the various affects of the various methods on the voice and I know how to troubleshoot stubborn, damaged or deteriorating voices and fix them using my vast tool box of techniques and effective, proven exercises.

Don’t be afraid of the word ‘deteriorating’ because the cause can be: age, bad nutrition, poor health and lack of rest, just as much as bad technique.

Remember this important fact:

“Life is too short to learn slowly.”

image of sand running out of an egg timer

Learn On Your Schedule

One fantastic advantage of online singing lessons in a vocal course on your schedule is that you CANNOT be held back by other’s schedule or lack of money for private singing lessons.

What I always say to singers is….

“How good do you wanna get? Don’t wait on anyone, just do the lessons in sequence, master them, and then tackle the next one.”

Adding private singing lessons with our certified coaches will speed up this process. But your motivation and drive won’t be limited.

Crush the competition. I know that sounds cruel, but you’re competing for ears. Why should anyone listen to you? Because you are interesting! Your voice has texture, vibe, refinement, flow and tremendous musicality.

With this training, you will NOT be ignored! Get good! Then get great! Be memorable!!!!

Combine Private Classes With Online Lessons

One thing I’ve impressed on my clients who’ve studied with me for years ‘or’ used my popular singing courses is this:

“The courses give you structured online singing lessons in an on demand format with each online singing lesson in a well structured, systematic methodology that will rapidly speed up your singing journey and give you knowledge of your vocal instrument. Your vocal tone, vocal range, vocal health, breath support and skill levels will be evident within just the first 3 or 4 online lessons.”

Because most advanced singers have a daily vocal warm up routine, having instant access to an online lesson of your choice will give you:

A working knowledge of our superior singing method, understand how your vocal folds (vocal cords) work in order to keep them healthy and learn singing in different styles.


Using the best online singing lessons in the world will only take you so far. The systematic, self-taught learning style doesn’t cover all bases.

Most of us need to be heard and diagnosed for the best vocal warm ups and exercises for our specific needs, and that’s why private lessons are so important.

You listen to a course, but singing teachers listen to you. They assess your singing ability and have trained recording artists to be effective in the studio and on the stage. A good teacher can help remove performance anxiety by communicating newfound confidence.

A coach will fill in the blanks and increase your understanding of all the lessons. Singing teachers are even more necessary if you’re interested in classical singing lessons.

So an effective singing course featuring streaming lessons—or even group lessons—helps speed up in person private lessons for absolute beginners, those that want intermediate singing lessons or a seasoned veteran.

Also, a teacher can direct you to study singing more effectively by identifying and encouraging your unique voice.

Finally, singing teachers also understand that music lessons are different from just those who might think that voice technique is all that’s needed to learn singing.

Music theory may be needed, depending on the different styles you’re attempting to sing. If your singing goals include singing your favorite songs—and those songs have tricky key changes, poly rhythms and chromatic melodies—you need music theory!

Important note: these don’t need to be private lessons. I learned theory in a group lesson format and it was fine. Even online video lessons can give enough basics to progress.

Access To Top Vocal Instructors

Each of my coaches at Singing Success has a slightly different teaching style, but one methodology. This is valuable because students learn differently.

Instantly, the singer will experience what I’ve innovated and defined as….

the c.i.a. teaching philosophy

COORDINATE- the voice with vocal warm ups, hacks, tricks and technical tools for beginner singers, experienced singers and pros!

INFORM- the mind through explain how the voice works using very simple, easy-to-grasp language from 7 to 77 years old. The basics will sharpen the mind and so singing can be understood without having to know all there is.

ACCLIMATE- the ear through ear training that includes far more than just hitting the right notes, but rather ear training for the right vocal quality: head, chest and mixed voice.

Additional Materials Available Online

All our programs are formulated on the foundation of Speech Level Singing and Bel Canto Italian method…. initially. But as mention earlier, when considering ‘tradition vs innovation’ we have to adapt.

The Singing Success philosophy of learning and teaching was “whatever works, we’re interested in it…. even if it’s something taught by hostile competitors”.

So we have been diligent to give out as much free content to at least help you start to learn singing, because money can’t be an excuse.

Our blogs, tips, articles, videos and social media posts provide intriguing, newer methodologies from the latest breathing exercises (this field has really changed over the years), to range extension and song hacks.

Check out our YouTube, Instagram and TikTok channels for good singing tips you can use today. But…….. remember this:

“Amateurs take tips, but pros train with a plan.”

Our VIP membership provides the very best online singing lessons. You’ll know where to start because Lesson 1 of Singing Success 360 has beginner singing lessons that actually challenge seasoned recording artists because the foundations shift your vocal skills from the first couple of exercises and new knowledge of extraordinary singing!

dear future i am ready sign

What Makes Ours The Best Online Singing Lessons

Singing is competitive! Does that make you nervous? Of course it should. I address this side of singing anxiety in my blog on vulnerability.

Part of vulnerability is not believing you’re good enough or that too many singers are better.

I have a very quick and easily solution to this conundrum:

Be massively confident in…… wait for it……


I’ll explain, knowing you have the very best, most proven, most efficient and complete singing lessons will take YOUR singing skills to YOUR maximum.

So how doesn’t this improve your competitive singing needs?

Each one of us has one thing other students can never have….Your unique personality!!!

If you have the best online singing lessons that that make you the best version of yourself, who can compete with your ‘distinct’ personality and unique tone? Your singing skills should reflect you. Different is good. Be different!

men singing together

We believe that we have the best online singing lessons and course because you can:

Learn at your own pace

Even 15 minutes a day will bring transformation….the options are bottomless. Just show up and you’ll get better every day! Work with whatever time you have available!

Learn systematically

We use the word ‘systematically’ a lot for a good reason. Singing lessons designed this way are proven and effective for the masses.

Systems are meant to cover all areas of the voice, and with all our programs and ongoing innovative teaching techniques, we have a perpetual learning system because ALL styles are analogous. And various parts of technique assist other parts of your technique.

For example: high notes effective freedom and tension. Breathing effects high notes. Articulation affects tone which effects freedom and so on.

And… Soul/R&B make you a better pop singer and country singer. Singing country helps you tell the story of a song and makes you a more interesting pop, soul or rock singer. And so on.

Learn by joining our VIP membership

Learn as a member of our online private community with weekly warm ups, tips, masterclasses, Q & A, access to our talented coaches and receive encouragement from our community members going through the best online singing lessons together.

Learn accelerated technical foundations

These are methods that few singers or singing teachers even know exist.

The advantage is that you’ll have confidence knowing that you have a trick that unlocks your high notes MUCH easier than the average singers experience.

The best of the best

Go to the top of the food chain with access to singing lessons with the best teachers internationally, with the elite, hand-picked, ‘invite only’ teachers in my Nashville studio or one of my global, certified coaches or associates.

All my coaches offer in-person singing lessons at well as online video lessons using Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. Any virtual platform can be used.

Types of Online Singing Lessons Offered

Mission Complete

Singing Success 360 [SS360]

Our foundational program SS360 will improve your singing right out of the starting gate! With 7 technique lessons and 7 style lessons, plus many other specific sessions like “the psychology of singing” and much more, you’ll gain great confidence.

This is the most essential, complete, well-rounded singing course available anywhere. Complete this and you’ll be ready for our mastery courses.

Mastery courses

Our Mastery courses are for developing certain areas of your voice that you desire to build the most. Harmony, Vibrato, Mixed Voice, How to Sing Rock, From Classical to Commercial are the current courses for specific needs or niches.

All my singing courses are designed to maximize your progress in minimal time, so doing just one or two 20-30 minute singing lessons, vocal warmup or vocal workout each day, or even every other day, will start you on an expedited Pathway to Progress.

As we like to say…. “don’t talk about doing it…. just start and everyone will see the difference!”

Vocal Hacks

Sometimes we get stuck like a car driving in the snow. A hack isn’t something overhauling or retraining your voice. It’s to get unstuck so you can drive your voice wherever you wanna take it. A vocal hack is to give you a trick for a quick fix and is perfect for those seeking beginner singing lessons, as well as intermediate singing lessons.

Pro’s will need these as well, but typically they know their voices and can rely on their coaches warmups.

All my coaches are skilled with these diagnostic methods and can employ various hacks in your private voice lessons.

Other music lessons

Our coaches work with guitar and piano teachers, and we are able to recommend the top, most reputable and effective teachers so that Singers can accompany themselves, become better songwriters and raise their musicality.

Each new instrument you learn can only make you a more valuable and interesting performer. Also, you get to be more than ‘just’ a lead singer. You’re now an integral part of a band.

How To Use An Online Singing Course With Private Singing Lessons

Use the private lesson to focus on what your coach diagnoses and your greatest need and work on it during the online courses. Be sure to ask the coach which of the lessons in the various courses will be a good addition to your lesson.

Know How Much is Too Much

You have an obligation to politely let your personal vocal coach know when you’re feeling tired or overworked.

Whether at home or a vocalist studio with your coach, the responsibility is on you. You know how your voice feels and when it starts feeling achy or lethargically stubborn from overuse.

How Much is Too Little?

Your private lessons should help you find out the ‘tipping point’ between not enough vocal workout and too much.

I hate to say this, but it needs to be said…..

“Most singers are lazy.”

They don’t like warming up or practicing. If this is you, stop fantasizing and get to work. You’ll feel better about yourself. I promise you! It’s like going to the gym. No one regrets working out their body—or voice for that matter—as long as it’s safe and effective!

For most singers, the range is anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 or 4 hours a day of performance. But this is after years of building endurance.

How Many Lessons Do I Need?

This is a very subjective and common question. To answer this, let’s look at specific goals. Since we all have different goals, I’ll separate us into our current aspirations…. knowing that this OFTEN change as the voice develops.


I have many singers using my programs, studying voice with my associates and often working with me as well, who really just want to leave a mark with their music. They have no need to ‘make a living’ with their voices. This is just a hobby.

For example, a lady I’ve worked with for many years went from a church choir voice to developing a very commercial sound and in her 40’s (a gentleman never EVER asks a lady her age 😉).

She began writing songs with several Nashville writers and wrote a bunch with me and my producer friends.

I produced vocals on 2 full length records and watched her have “accidental” success. I say accidental because she was just trying to get her message out. One of her music videos actually had over 7 million views on Youtube.

As a hobbyist, she usually did 1 or 2 lessons a week. Mostly with me, but several with my associates as well. She overachieved and that is what happens when you’re diligent.

For most hobbyists, once a week is fine. Some will take twice a month. But those who love it, experience success in their practice, they often ask to come 2 or 3 times a week which is more typical for….

Recording Artists

Whether you’re an aspiring vocalist wanting a professional career: performing, writing and possibly landing an indie or major record deal, your sessions need to be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours long, 2 to 3 times a week.

In some cases (typically determined under the wisdom and guidance of your coach and/or management team), vocal session can be 5 or 6 days per week. Especially when getting ready to record or go on tour.

The most important realization singers will have is how unique, valuable and irreplaceable their voices are. NO COMPROMISE. Build your voice and protect it zealously!

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Sing?

Here’s a predictable answer:

“It depends.”

I know singers want more quantifiable answers, but NO ONE knows. Let me explain…

If you ask me how long a radish seed takes to germinate and sprout a leaf above ground (I used to plant gardens every year growing up my family), I’d tell you about 5-10 days and 30 days to harvest.

But people aren’t radish plants. So it’s as diverse as anything you can imagine. And “it depends” on:

  • Natural talent
  • Life experience
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Focus
  • Disciplined practice
  • Musical understanding
  • Your ability to hear and identify pitch and rhythm
  • The type of training you receive

For some rare and fortunate singers, a few months and their voices are transformed. Others need a few years and some quit after a few sessions.

When frustration sets in, seek answers from your coaches, from our courses, our blogs, video tips and our VIP community. Sometimes, it’s just hearing a success story from another singer that puts you over the tipping point.