Mastering Mix uses three modes of vocal cord co-ordination to achieve the ‘mixed’ voice: edge, pharyngeal and the “heady” quality.

When blending these three mechanisms, the singer is able to achieve the purest form of his or her own distinct tonal quality of head, chest, and mix. From an edgy and brassy quality to a flute-like, velvety sound, singers find themselves able to produce tones they never dreamed possible.


What's inside:

  • Discover the foundations of light and dark voice!
  • Build your lowest voice and create dark, rich and emotional tones
  • Discover freedom and release as you develop your head voice
  • Learn to blend head and chest voice in varying shades and colors to create an instantly popular sound as an artist
  • Find and develop your mixed voice rapidly
  • Learn to sing any song without those annoying breaks interrupting your vocal melody
  • Outperform your competition through the most desirable and excitable tones using your mixed voice
  • Develop the mixed voice tone qualities used in pop, rock, country, classical and every other genre
  • Discover the difference between mixed voice and yelling and WHY mixed voice quadruples your vocal freedom
  • Train with the same vocal techniques Brett has taught to countless grammy award winners
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Mastering Mix

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