Unlock your commercial voice! You'll learn how to effectively mix your head and chest voice - (a must for any professional singer).
Find Your Mix
  • Discover the foundations of light and dark voice!
  • Build your lowest voice and create dark, rich and emotional tones
  • Discover freedom and release as you develop your head voice
  • Learn to blend head and chest voice in varying shades and colors to create an instantly popular sound as an artist

Mastering Mix uses three modes of vocal cord coordination to achieve the ‘mixed’ voice: edge, pharyngeal, and the “heady” quality.

When blending these three mechanisms, the singer is able to achieve the purest form of his or her own distinct tonal quality of head, chest, and mix. From an edgy and brassy quality to a flute-like, velvety sound, singers find themselves able to produce tones they never dreamed possible.

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“I developed the Singing Success Program after 30+ years of coaching. I’ve put my whole life into researching vocal techniques, studying anatomy, and (through trial and error) building a method that is sustainable and that gets results.

The Essential Program to Build a Commerical Sound and a Marketable Voice.

Why do some singers “blow up” and others don’t? Is it talent, money, work ethic, or the right connections? Sure, all those can be important. But, if you want to go from being a “coffee shop singer” to a chart-topping artist with a platinum album and a sold-out tour… you need a commercial sound.

The best way to achieve a radio-friendly voice and a commercial sound is with a mix voice. The mix voice is a combination of the head & chest resonances that allows you to hit high notes with ease and sing with a unique and marketable style. Simply put, if you don’t have a good mix voice — you’ll never have a successful career.

Here’s the Program

  • Morning Warmup & Evening Cool-Down
  • Systematic scales to strengthen your vocal cords
  • Unique exercises to find your mix voice
  • Beginning & Advanced Applications of the mix
  • Game-changing explanations that help you finally connect your resonances
  • Learn the foundation of the mix
  • Understand how to release your mix voice
  • Connect your head & chest through resonance
  • Develop cord closure
  • Control your bridge
  • 15+ Hours of training
  • Develop a diversity of sounds
  • Normalize your mix (as easy as speaking)
  • Vowel only exercises
  • And more

This program specializes in developing a marketable voice, resulting in a generous spectrum of timbres relative to a singer’s baseline. From an edgy and brassy quality to a flute-like and velvety sound, singers find themselves able to produce tones they never dreamed possible.

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