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Increase Your Range and Add An Octave to Your Voice – GUARANTEED!

Add 1-2 Octaves to Your Voice

Safely Hit High Notes With Ease

What if, instead of worrying and tensing up every time you have to sing a “high” note in a song… you could sing them with ease? What if instead of being controlled by the notes on a scale, you control them?

Many singers think that they are bound by the limited range of their voice. But here’s a secret…If you can make the sound, you can sing it!

Here’s What you’ll get With Range Builder

“I developed the Singing Success Program after 30+ years of coaching. I’ve put my whole life into researching vocal techniques, studying anatomy, and (through trial and error) building a method that is sustainable and that gets results.

Command Your Voice And Stretch Your Range

That’s right. Listen to a baby cry! They don’t struggle with those piercing notes! They don’t get worried about crying the “right note”. They just relax and whine/wail away – hitting that high C with ease.

One of the secrets to increasing your range is the utilization of what is called “edge therapy”. Simply put, edge therapy employs only the inside edges of the vocal cords which temporarily reduces the fullness of your vibrating vocal cord mass. This strips away the weight from around your vocal cords that prohibit you from singing low and high effortlessly.

Without the proper training, you can seriously damage your vocal cords. That’s why I created this program, to demystify and simplify, the process of expanding your range.

You’ll release tension and free up your voice to effortlessly float between all your resonances.

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  • Effective exercises to get you the range you want
  • Add 1-2 octaves
  • Stretch the bottom and top of your voice
  • Warm-ups & cool-downs

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