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Get results fast with 100+ vocal tips and tricks that will quickly “hack” your voice.

What's Included

  • Semi- Occluded And Occluded Exercise Hacks
  • Whistle Hacks
  • Mix Voice Hacks
  • Tight Throat Hacks
  • Sloppy Run Hacks
  • Tone Quality Hacks (Fixing Annoying Tones)
  • Explosive Freedom Hacks
  • Low Voice Hacks
  • Low Larynx Hacks
  • Bonus Hacks: The Vocal Health Checklist

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“I developed the Singing Success Program after 30+ years of coaching. I’ve put my whole life into researching vocal techniques, studying anatomy, and (through trial and error) building a method that is sustainable and that gets results.”

When You Can't Wait, And You Need Results Fast, Hack Your Voice

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time. Maybe you have a performance coming up but that high note you’ve always been able to hit – just isn’t “hitting”. Or, maybe you’ve just been given a solo and need to be able to do a run that will blow everyone away. Tricks are quick but training is sustaining. But what happens when you need help FAST?


You need a hack. You need something that will guarantee you can fix your voice when you lose it, or regain your range if it’s decreased, or tighten up a sloppy run that just won’t stay on pitch. This program does not replace daily training, but when used in conjunction with my other programs – you can ensure that instead of being controlled by your voice… you’ll tell your voice exactly what to do.

What’s Included


 Over the years, I’ve used the systematic training plan “Mastering Mix” to develop my singer’s voices and ultimately, coordinate them into mix voice. But often, singers need to be able to get into their mix quickly for a live performance or a studio recording. These quick tricks will do just that!


If you have ever started to sing and noticed that you didn’t like the sound of your voice or that there is something obnoxious about your quality, it is probably because you have yet to find your pure, effortless tone. The uncluttered tone is usually the right one and the most distinctive. These hacks help you to wade through all of the junk you’ve added to your voice through habits or imitation and allow you to discover your true sound quickly. 


Most people don’t even know why it’s important to have a low larynx, what the result is or even the sound but, you’ve heard it your whole life. A lot of people refer to it as a dopey, deeper and darker sound. When doing these vocal hacks, you will immediately see all the sounds you’ve heard or done all of your life that can habitually lower your larynx in order to free up high notes. It’s a fact that your development will definitely be stilled if you do not find a low larynx.


The Semi- Occluded sound is used for reducing tension and creating freedom and ease into the voice. The most famous semi-occluded sounds are lip rolls and tongue trills and singing through a straw. Minimum pressure, maximum coordination.


 Avoiding a tight throat is paramount in successful singing. If your throat is tight, your voice will sound pinched and pushed. You will be unable to reach hard difficult notes in your range and COULD eventually create long-term vocal damage…HACK your Tight Throat! 


If you’re in the studio and need to find an explosive tone on a particular phrase and you don’t know how to get into it, these little hacks will show you different ways of freeing up your voice, the sheer number of hacks in this section ensures you will find some level of explosive freedom. They are usually things you would never think of in a million years!


 This is an extensive list of vocal health do’s and don’ts AND products that myself, my coaches and my students have used for years and years. This information alone is imperative for long-term vocal health and longevity. 


We approach this coordination from all angles. Every potential sound can create a thinning of the vocal cords in order to find part of your voice that seems nearly impossible. Most of my singers find some level of whistle either in the first month or in the first year. But, often in the first lesson.


The difficulty in developing runs is the voice does not naturally want to separate or delineate into discernible tones. There are ways to get the voice to move rapidly and freely so that your trills command attention immediately. Singers who use great trills are often instantaneously viewed as great singers; similar to those who have a beautiful, flowing and silky vibrato.


 At the time of recording this program, my personal assistant was in the studio and couldn’t locate her low notes. Showing her some of the simple things she could do to immediately drop an extra half octave into the bottom of her range was all that was needed to help her get through the song with confidence. You can almost always fake a high note by cheating or pushing a little more than you should but, you can never cheat a low voice. If it’s not there, it’s not there. These are quick ways to find it and then use the Singing Success program to develop it and make it habitual.

“My three favorite Vocal Hacks are the straw hack, the cup hack and the Prince (YOW) hack. These have helped me the most.”


Leona Lewis
World Renowned Recording Artist

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  • Semi-Occluded and Occluded Exercises
  • Whistle Hacks
  • Mix Voice Hacks
  • High Mix/Head Hacks
  • Tight Throat Hacks
  • Sloppy Run Hacks
  • Tone Quality Hacks (Fixing Annoying Tones)
  • Explosive Freedom Hacks
  • Low Voice Hacks
  • Low Larynx Hacks
  • Bonus Hacks: The Vocal Health Checklist

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is Brett Manning?

Brett Manning is a veteran vocal coach of 30 years living in Nashville, Tennessee, and has worked with countless award-winning singers.

Over the past 7 years, he has coached greats like Leona Lewis and American Idol’s Clark Beckham to use their mixed voice quality to accomplish a level of confidence in the most difficult notes of their ranges…. those tricky transition notes.

Stories like these led to the development of SS360, which has now been used by thousands of singers around the world to discover, develop and excel past vocal limits for a lasting singing career…. after months of practice of course!

Can I just use Vocal Hacks or do I need to purchase SS360?

Vocal Hacks is a product created to hack tricky areas of the voice. The purpose of this product is not to use as a daily warmup so, it would be wise to purchase SS360, implement that course into your daily warmup schedule and use Vocal Hacks as you come across tricky areas of the voice that require further instruction and deeper strengthening.

How many videos are included with this course?

There are currently over 100 videos included in Vocal Hacks BUT, this library will continue to grow. I already have 30 new hacks that will be recorded within the next month. So, expect this library to extend throughout the years!