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Learning how to sing harmony and hear harmony is essential for anyone seeking a professional singing career.

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Develop A Musical Understanding And Acclimate The Ear

After two decades of relationship and as much time in discussion, Brett Manning and Claude McKnight synthesize vocal simplicity with harmony basics.

Utilizing a collegiate understanding of intervals (spaces between notes), the singer learns to hear harmony based on seven numbers and also learns to master harmony based on twelve. The singer learns to hear notes within chords and to identify them quickly. Because one-third of singing is hearing, a singer must train in harmony and acquire fantastic pitch to develop the assets of a memorably melodic singer.

“I developed the Singing Success Program after 30+ years of coaching. I’ve put my whole life into researching vocal techniques, studying anatomy, and (through trial and error) building a method that is sustainable and that gets results.

The Ultimate Guide To Singing Harmony With Ease

Very often artists rely on auto-tune or backup singers to add harmony or BGVs to their songs. This is a mistake! If you can’t easily sing a Major 3rd harmony or even an octave melody, your voice and ear aren’t fully developed!


Having an understanding of basic music theory, and training your ear to hear notes and the spaces between notes will make you a better singer, songwriter, and a more dangerous artist. Take a hint from some of the top artists in the world, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Beyonce – learn harmony and master it!

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