After two decades of relationship and as much time in discussion, Brett Manning and Claude McKnight synthesize vocal simplicity with harmony basics. Utilizing a collegiate understanding of intervals (spaces between notes), the singer learns to hear harmony based on seven numbers and also learns to master harmony based on twelve. The singer learns to hear notes within chords and to identify them quickly. Because one-third of singing is hearing, a singer must train in harmony and acquire fantastic pitch to develop the assets of a memorably melodic singer.

A singer ought to learn to sing harmonies and background vocals on their own projects as well as to learn proprietary tricks that increase the texture of the overall recorded track: a must for anyone seeking a professional vocal career and wanting to minimize weak links in their vocal knowledge and musical understanding.

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Here's what you'll learn:

  • how to hear intervals [space between notes] and memorize each interval
  • a simple method to identifying major and minor chords and singing the individual notes with the chord
  • why you must hear the appropriate harmony in relationship to the actual melody
  • how to sing the harmony as if it were the actual melody
  • easy-to-sing-along-with vocal demonstrations of simple harmony arrangements
  • simple tracks that allow you to find your ‘own’ harmony
  • diverse styles of harmonies to suit your stylistic preference
  • the art of blending: matching tones and textures!
  • and much more...

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