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Brett Manning, (President & Founder of Singing Success), is one of the most sought-after vocal coaches in the world. He’s worked with Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and more. His clients have won 46 Grammys, 27 CMAs, 23 AMAs, and have gathered over 500 Billion views on YouTube.

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Build a Foundation

SS360: Learn foundational warm-ups and cool downs, strategic exercises that evolve with your voice as it grows, and exclusive skills to build endurance and strength.

Sing Effortlessly

Mastering Mix: Learn how to build a commercial and marketable sound.

Control Timing

Mastering Vibrato: Learn how to master vibrato and gain control over your timing. Tastefully apply vibrato in a variety of genres.

Hack Your Voice

Vocal Hacks: 100+ vocal tips and tricks that will rework your voice. You will command your voice to move rapidly and freely and discover your true tone quickly.

Heal and Restore

Vocal Therapy: Learn how to restore tone quality, gain vocal flexibility, reduce inflammation, and restore your damaged vocal cords.

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Discover Power, Presence, and Precision
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Mastering Mix

Achieve the purest form of tonal quality
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Vocal Hacks

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With The Right Plan

Every Singer Can Achieve Success
When the technique is there, it’s just easy…

“I am the singer I am now because I was dedicated. If you’re a singer, a great way to dedicate yourself, to get results guaranteed, is Brett Manning’s Singing Success.”

– Clark Beckham

The Best Thing About Singing Success:

“The confidence that it gives you to be able to feel out your voice and to give your best performance possible every single time you go up on stage.”

– Anthem Lights

I’m just glad that now, I have the answers.

“It has to be something that’s proven to work for people and that’s why I always bring people to Singing Success.”

– Michael Barnes

We Build Great Singers

If you're wanting to - get better as a vocalist, build a network of support with people aspiring to do the same, and receive interactive opportunities with some of best coaches in the world - you're not going to find a better opportunity.

Duane RenoVIP Member

I’ve used the Singing Success program for about 10 years. The VIP community is the missing link from the program and personal growth. The contact with coaches interaction, with Brett and others is the big secret of this community.

Agosto Ago MarinoVIP Member

It's crazy just how well this program works. I went from an okay singer that hoped for "good vocal days" to a confident singer that KNOWS how to have a good vocal day. This knowledge is priceless!

Jason Allender

I started this program about a month ago and I can already tell a HUGE difference in my voice! Thank you so much!!

Kimberly Turpin