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Today, you can start a vocal program that will give you the voice you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll build a strong foundation with good techniques that will keep you singing for years to come. Singing Success 360 is the training you’ve been looking for.

Is your singing voice strained, shaky, or just unreliable?

Master your voice with our best-selling, systematic vocal training programs. VIP Members get unlimited streaming access to all programs. Start today!

Here’s What You’ll Get
With Singing Success 360

Increase Your Power

Increase Your Power

Without strain, you'll see an immediate increase in your Vocal Power.

Add An Octave

Add An Octave

You'll see improvement in your range within the first two weeks.

Erase Your “Break”

Erase Your “Break”

Seamlessly transition between your Chest voice & Head voice.

Train Your Ear

Train Your Ear

You'll have better Tone Awareness & Clarity in your voice.

“I developed the Singing Success Program after 30+ years of coaching. I’ve put my whole life into researching vocal techniques, studying anatomy, and (through trial and error) building a method that is sustainable and that gets results.

Everything You Need To Discover Your Voice, Develop Style, And Find Your Vocal Power.

Creating this program has been an adventure, very similar to the journey that most singers go through. It took many years of research and testing – a lot of trial and error – to come up with an effective method. Unfortunately, a lot of singers go through a similar process and they waste time. Because…Without proper training, you can seriously damage your voice. A lot of vocal training programs are actually dangerous. They are unproven…From inexperienced teachers…And they destroy your vocal cords.

Most singers struggle with hitting high notes, having a tight throat, excess mucus build-up, being stuck with a limited range, and struggle to keep pitch. Or, they give up all together because they think they’re “tone deaf”. That’s why I created a systematic program that teaches you how to warm up properly, how to train your voice, how to strengthen your vocal cords, and how to develop your own unique style. This program has been incredibly effective. I’ve helped thousands of singers transform their voices safely and sustainably.

Here’s the Program

  • Foundational Warmups
  • Strategic exercises that evolve as your voice gets stronger
  • Breakthrough explanations that get you out of your head and help you sing higher
  • A brand new method that engages muscle coordination and builds vocal power
  • Tricks to stay on pitch & let go of tension

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