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Brett Manning Reveals Groundbreaking Vocal Development Program Used By Grammy Award Winners and 5 Year Olds!

Singing Success 360 is a total, vocal workout plan designed to coordinate every muscle of the voice essential to great singing.

SS360 is a systematic vocal training program utilizing over 50 muscles coordinations used to create great sound. Through a carefully formulated lesson plan, we teach singers how to warmup, coordinate and stretch out your voice.

This systematic approach to singing has produced countless grammy winners but, most of the exercises are simple enough to be used by a 5 year old child.

SS360 produces extraordinary success for budding singers as well as for seasoned pros. Its methods are a unique blend of secrets that shave off years of vocal frustration. The result of this ground-breaking method? Singing Success.

Here's what you'll learn inside of Singing Success 360:

  • a Foundational Warmup that is essential to your Singing Success!
  • how to disengage muscles that prohibit you from singing high notes
  • how the voice has “gears” that when shifted smoothly allow you to let go of tension as you sing higher
  • exercises that are pre-arranged in a particular order to maximize your muscular release
  • revolutionary explanations that psychologically trick your brain into allowing you to sing higher
  • how you can overcome the myth that your current range is all you will ever have
  • how resonance (vibration inside your mouth, head and throat cavities) can be maximized to effortlessly double or triple your power
  • how to exchange the ineffectiveness of yelling for the freedom of resonating
  • a secret method to engage never before used muscles coordinations that immediately build profound power in the voice
  • the sensation of ‘letting go’ to sing louder rather than pushing hard and creating an unpleasant flat tone and potential vocal damage
  • a simple, yet rarely utilized way to control the lightest parts of your voice for the most intimate microphone singing techniques
  • how to maintain consistency from your loudest to your softest note without a sudden shift in freedom, quality or coordination
  • a revolutionary trick to disengage the swallowing muscles in order to erase all outer throat tension
  • the proven way to refine vocal coordination and ear sensitivity to stay on pitch
  • how you can use Rapid Range Extension to add an octave in the first two weeks
  • Brett's Chest Voice Strengthening Exercises
  • Brett's Head Voice Strengthening Exercises
  • Brett's Mixed Voice Development (that automatically erases breaks)
  • how to produce an immediate and noticeable increase in power, freedom and tone quality
  • the best way to expand your tonal diversity
  • and much more...
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That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what my private vocal clients have paid me to gain access to these techniques. These are my proprietary methods and they simply cannot be found anywhere else, at any price.

Also, if at any time – in the next 30 days – you don’t think this is the best vocal training you've ever had… or that it won’t be one of your most trusted training tools for years to come… I’ll refund your investment 100%, no questions asked. Bottom Line: Singing Success 360 must provide everything you need to coordinate every muscle of the voice essential to becoming a Singing Success...

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