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Our vocal coaches provide the very best vocal training in the world, following Brett Manning’s systematic vocal training program. Schedule in-person lessons at our studios or via Skype. Fast track your singing success with our vocal coaches!

“With the right training, every singer can achieve singing success.”

– Brett Manning

In 1991, Brett opened his first vocal training studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, becoming the top vocal coach in the region. In 1998, he launched his Singing Success Program and relocated to Nashville, TN to offer his world-class voice lessons right in the heart of Music City.

The vocal methodology contained in the Singing Success 360 program is the unique result of 30+ years of teaching and research by professional vocal coach Brett Manning.

Brett Manning formulated all of his newest and best vocal techniques into a system of exercises that will fast track your vocal development and produce optimum results, whether you are a beginner or a professional music artist. SS360 is the most comprehensive vocal training program available to singers of all levels.

Brett has limited availability for vocal coaching, songwriting coaching, and performance coaching. He is available in his studios on Music Row in Nashville, TN or via Skype.

His clients have won 46 Grammys27 CMAs23 AMAs, and have gathered over 500 Billion views on YouTube.

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Chanelle Guyton

Master Associate

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Highly sought after for their Master Classes and Private Vocal Lessons.

In an effort to meet the growing popularity and worldwide demand for his method, Brett has trained a select team of associate vocal coaches to carry his technique to the world. Brett’s associate coaches spend hundreds of hours learning and observing.

When taking vocal lessons from a certified Brett Manning associate, you know you are getting quality teaching from a professional vocal instructor who has met the stringent standards required to attain Brett’s personal certification.





Who We Are

Built from a Veteran Nashville Vocal Coach

Nashville TN, 37212 is the coveted zip code of the Historic Music Row. There is no better place for a Nashville Vocal Studio. In fact, 37212 has been the location of our studios for over a dozen years. This is where Brett Manning and his Associates offer vocal coaching, artist development, vocal therapy, and other professional artist services.

Brett Manning has taught in Nashville, TN, and surrounding cities for more than 24 years. He has been coaching professionally for over 30 years.

A Renowned Brand

Brett and his talented staff of vocal coaches are regularly sought after by Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles industry giants. Their list of students includes artists signed to Sony, Fueled by Ramen, Big Machine, Hollywood Records, BMG, EMI, RCA, MCA Motown, Columbia, Geffen, Atlantic, Virgin, Capitol, Disney, Curb, Interscope, Island/Def Jam, Big Loud Shirt, Warner Brothers, Provident Label Group, Word, and countless overseas and Indie record labels.

Their schedule is filled with professional singers, broadway stars, and international singers from more than a hundred countries. They take advantage of vocal lessons via Skype, Zoom, or even flying out to study in person at our studio right in the heart of Nashville, TN!

We build great singers using a renowned systematic and diagnostic method.

If you have ever taken singing lessons, voice lessons, or had vocal training – whatever you choose to call it – you know that many coaches claim to give the exact same results. And so they should. Several coaches have good ideas about voice training. So the question is… who do you trust? How do you know that you are choosing the right vocal coach when you purchase lessons?

In Nashville TN, there are about 50 Belmont University grads who tap out early and decide on the route of vocal teacher, rather than pursue music for a living. Understandable! The music industry is a tough world. The question is… how can you be assured that you are picking a voice teacher who has an effective method? We propose that the method matters.

How Does Brett’s Method Work?

The greatest difficulty singers have is singing higher without breaking. The voice typically loads up with extraneous musculature, meaning muscles not related to or helpful in singing.

We take this approach: train voices to sing with the ease of speech through their entire vocal range, so there is even effort on every pitch. We believe strongly that singing should not be strained or pushed.

We teach a friendly compression that balances out and maximizes the efficiency of the voice. Since compression, or cord closure, is needed to produce tone, vocal lessons are geared at reducing excess squeeze and excess breathy tones.

Finally, the singer learns a gradual shift of resonance from chest voice to head voice by developing a mixed voice, or what most industry professionals simply refer to as “mix.”

We disengage the swallowing muscles, digastric and hyoid, which interfere with free vocal cord vibration. This results in no more reaching for high notes or scooping down for low notes.

Our method is professional, reputable, and effective. Yet fun and enjoyable, and gives you the technical foundation for your unique style.

How many singing lessons does this take?

The sooner an artist development services plan is in place, the quicker this happens. But the instruction for our technique is faster than anything else in the industry.

Voice lessons usually end up with a bond between the vocal coach and the aspiring singer. This often happens in the first lesson! Our vocal coaches have strong intuition, gifted communication styles, and serious vocal skills. All of them are or have been professional singers.

Vocal lessons at Singing Success/Brett Manning Studios

Brett and his hand-picked, uber-talented vocal coaches give 50-minute lessons. Lessons can be even longer if an artist is preparing for a tour, needs vocal rehabilitation, etc.

The lesson structure is actually simple, though the coaches possess an extremely complex understanding of how the voice works.

A singer comes in and begins to vocalize, running scales that are formulated in the moment to respond to the singer’s greatest need. Our method typically increases the range by an octave within a few sessions.

Pitch accuracy, vocal endurance, and tone quality are immediately improved. This is due to doing the right exercises in the right order. Much like a personal trainer at the gym. It’s the order that makes the difference. You don’t start with maximum weight or sprint.

Singing doesn’t have to feel like lifting weights. Our method prepares you to sing using less than half the musculature of what was previously thought to be needed. And you get more of YOU in your distinct timbre because you’re not compromising your authentic voice.

Best of all, there’s no mental strain involved in your singing. Every voice teacher in our Nashville TN Studio makes singing much more simple from the very first lesson.

Benefits of Singing Lessons

Keeping the voice healthy is foundational. The recording artists we work with know that they must maximize their vocal potential, as consummate professional singers all understand.

Performers need to REMAIN professional and CANNOT make excuses. They MUST show improvement in confidence, songwriting, performance, range consistency, and overall skill level!

Once our voices are doing what they are supposed to do–what they WANT to do–vocal styles can be explored more efficiently and effectively.

What is Singing Success

Created and founded by vocal coach, author, and innovator Brett Manning, Singing Success (SS) is a company that produces globally best-selling voice training programs. The first SS program was produced out of Brett’s Salt Lake City home and sold in over 170 countries. Nearly a dozen other products have been produced since then (and there are MANY more in the works)!

In 2015 the newest version of the flagship program “Singing Success 360” (SS360) was produced in Nashville, TN. It was released with many revisions, deconstructions, and re-formulations, along with the newest and latest breakthroughs in voice technique, vocal health, vocal style, and all things related to the voice.

This SS360 program utilizes seasoned performers that Brett and his colleagues have been training in Nashville and worldwide for many years. Brett chose students who have been taking lessons with him and his colleagues for a dozen or more years, so they serve as a paradigm of how a truly healthy voice should sound in every exercise.

Some of our other programs include Mastering Mix, created to help singers find and master the most exciting and elusive vocal cord coordination: mixed voice. Also, Vocal Hacks is a unique program that gives short and simple quick-fix tricks to hack stubborn areas of the voice.

All Access Streaming!

A unique product we now have is the Singing Success VIP Membership. It gives members access to the programs that SS currently offers to train the voice. These are all in a streaming app, but also provide access to a private Facebook group with weekly warmups, daily Q & As with Brett and his coaches, and community support with VIP members! 

Streaming our programs makes voice training more affordable and convenient, as you can learn straight from your smartphone or computer. Vocal coaching becomes on-demand and you, the singer, get to choose how aggressively to learn because the courses can be accessed every day at any time.

Brett Manning and his talented associate vocal coaches have dominated the Nashville area for nearly 2 decades. Students drive or fly into Nashville from all over the world to take voice lessons with us.

Students purchase singing lessons, online or through our booking coordinator via phone call. They also have top-tier, professional piano lessons and guitar lessons offered at the studio or in partnership with the best industry teachers in Nashville TN.

A Music Industry Secret

At Singing Success/Brett Manning Studios we provide opportunities for our students to present their talent to major labels, publishers, managers, and booking agents through our Music Industry Showcases hosted in Nashville.

Improving Vocal Range

The vocal cords are reimagined as less of a muscle to be stretched and more as a zipper. The vocal cords should actually thin out in the early stages of stretching and then zip up as high notes enter to melodic line.

Dampening the Vocal Cords

This means you have a shortened vibrating surface, creating a higher pitch. Sort of like fretting a guitar string rather than continuing to stretch the string till it snaps.

Voice Therapy

Nearly every singer will experience a need for vocal therapy at some point. This is why all our coaches have deep knowledge and experience in vocal therapy and vocal restoration.

A good voice teacher does not merely focus on singing lessons or professional development, they must have deep knowledge and discernment of the vocal health of their students as well. This sets apart the associates from Brett Manning Studios.

Vocal Rehab

In 2016, Brett created “Vocal Rehab” while in the studio recording “SS 360.” This program has countless client testimonials via email, personal contacts in our studio, and social media shoutouts. As you can imagine, this is a big need here in the music industry. Of course, we believe that this is a big need for anyone aspiring to be a professional singer.

Breath Control

In addition, we teach a simple philosophy on breath control. There’s been a lot of agreed-upon principles of the diaphragm and how to coordinate deep, relaxed, and effective breath into singing.

The Cords Control the Breath?

For now, here is an essential to remember… Typically, we’ve found that the proper amount of vibration cord structure will summon the proper amount of air necessary for good compression and balanced tone quality. Yes the cords control the breath.

Voice Lessons

All aspiring vocalists must continuously train to stay ahead of the competition, even if that competition is yourself. Maintaining your gift takes discipline. This makes vocal training a life-long habit. Our professional coaches can help you to develop healthy, life-long singing habits that will serve you throughout your life.

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