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Benny Meza

A Singer’s Guide to Song Practice

Most singers have no idea how good their voice can sound because they’ve never practiced a song thoroughly like a professional. This article provides a guide …

4 Mental Blocks Affecting Your Singing

Some of your greatest obstacles to becoming an amazing singer have nothing to do with coordinating your voice. Removing mental blocks will make just as …

1 Secret of Light Mixed Voice

Many singers are unaware of this necessary step required in order to develop a light mixed voice: vocal strength building.

20 Terrible Singing Habits

If you’re dissatisfied with your singing, then you probably have some terrible habits. Use this list to evaluate where you may be going wrong.

Are Your High Notes Weak? Try this.

If your singing is suffering from weak high notes, there’s one area of voice training that can’t be overlooked: vocal edge exercises.

Risk Factors for Vocal Cord Cancer

Every year, tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. Read to learn about the risk factors of vocal cord cancer.

The 5 Essentials of Smooth Singing

No matter what style of music you sing, smooth singing is required if you want to sound your best. Here’s how to do it!

5 Achievable Vocal Goals for 2022

Happy new year! Make your next twelve months of singing the best ever with 5 Achievable Vocal Goals for 2022!

Do Steroids Actually Help Singers?

Countless singers swear by steroids because of their seemingly magical power to bring a voice back when it is hoarse or completely gone. But do …

Did Learning Technique Ruin Your Singing?

Have you ever known a singer who sounded worse after taking singing lessons? Learn how not to be one of them!