Bypass Roadblocks with Support that Drives Success

Find at least two or three positive people hold you accountable in the pursuit of your voice-driven career. They must be committed to your success and should never sugar-coat their assessment of your dedication, quality of material, work ethic, passion or pursuit…

It’s important to have resources to tap for positive energy.

It can be anything from meditation and prayer to motivational reading material, from engaging in hands-on hobbies or listening to specific pieces of music that inspire or uplift.

Heart Full of Friends

But – you also need to have a handful, or better still, a heart full of friends to help you stay healthy and positively focused in the pursuit of your voice-driven career.

Emotions play a huge role in shaping, coloring, and energizing pathways and passages in your journey to singing success.

Negatives Create Roadblocks

Negative emotions create roadblocks and detours, and they can lead to serious breakdowns and crashes that can delay, disrupt, or even deny success you deserve.

Remember that the company you keep is always supportive – of something. Also, the circumstances you face always lay the groundwork or a foundation – for something.

In other words, you want to keep people around you that do not feed negative emotions and will not tolerate circumstances that lay the groundwork for something negative, destructive, or counter-productive.

Lack of Preparation

You will find that many roadblocks you face come from a lack of preparation. In other words, you skipped rehearsals, didn’t warm up, or you still haven’t invested in Mastering Mix or Singing Success or even one of the programs in the Top 7 series.

Fearful – Doubtful

Sometimes roadblocks appear because of a fear of the unknown or doubts about whether or not something will work. So, you don’t try to sing songs that you like because you aren’t sure you can perform. Then, you get pigeon-holed by others as limited. Maybe you’re reluctant to book a session with one of Brett Manning’s certified master associates because you’re afraid you might not be good enough or you’re skeptical. You need positive people to encourage you to break through fears and doubts!

Avoid Arrogance

Roadblocks can also come because you think you don’t need to rehearse. You don’t need to check out new material or invest in training because you already know it all. Suddenly, you’re stagnating and have started cutting back on practice sessions. You compromise by saying, you don’t need to practice, and that makes you come off as arrogant. You then wonder why it’s hard to find decent accompanists or songwriting partners. So, you’re starting to have issues with stress and focus.

This is all the more reason to have at least two or three positive people that hold you accountable in the pursuit of your voice-driven career, from training to dreaming and taking realistic steps to make those dreams come true.

Committed to Success

Your heart full of supporters must be committed to your success. They should never sugar-coat their assessment of your dedication, quality of material, work ethic, passion or pursuit – in other words, they are there with you to help protect and secure your potential for success.

These people must be relied on to alert you to any sense that you are slacking or lacking traction in the pursuit of your singing success.

Encourage Growth

They will encourage fresh ideas, additional training, and the engagement of positive practices, hobbies, and activities that promote professional and personal growth and integrity.

Advance – Enhance

You want this support team to keep you abreast of chances for advancement and keep you informed of any trends and enhancements in the industry that you need to take advantage of.

Active Support

Support is not a passive term. It is proactive, assertive, and always on the lookout for your best interests.

These people know your weaknesses and vices, and they will intervene if necessary. They are also there at times of illness, loss, crisis, and personal challenge.

They Have Your Back

These are the people you can turn to when something isn’t working out as well as you’ve planned. You can freely discuss family issues and challenges with them. These are people that you know will have your back, even when you may have turned your back on them.
These people know what positives you respond to that can uplift, focus, encourage, and inspire you. They can see to it that these things are engaged or are readily available.


It is important to find this core heart full of people for loyal support because the very nature of the entertainment and communication industry is driven to a large extent by changing opinions, varying tastes, and shifting trends.

These people will help anchor you when the seas turn stormy and the tide dramatically changes in a matter of moments.

Coaching Corner

Build a strong bond with one of Brett’s certified master associates. Ask them to hold you accountable and responsible as the keeper of the gift of your unique voice. Give them permission to be ruthless, when necessary, in keeping you focused and flourishing.

Product Placement

Invest in one of the products available from Brett Manning, Tom Jackson, and others through this site. Let your commitment to nurturing your gift be part of the accountability check for those who provide a heart full of support for you and your career.

By having support from people that have your best interests at heart, you will face less roadblocks and experience more rewarding scenic views, as you blaze trails to true singing success.

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