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All too often we get so focused on things that aren’t quite working out as planned that we neglect to acknowledge things that are going well and tend to dismiss or forget about our past successes and real accomplishments that have helped us step up and

press on.

Believe – Achieve – Receive

On the road to success in your voice-driven career, it’s vital that you keep a record of positive markers that define major turning points uphill, key changes of scenery, life-changing detours, and masterful maneuvers through major obstacles. It will help you find relief as you engage a positive cycle that builds on itself as you believe, achieve, and receive. These three powers feed each other and become inseparable.

Name It – Claim It – Frame It

It is critical that you also celebrate and honor your achievements, rewards, breakthroughs – all victories that lead you closer to your ultimate dream. We’ll call this your winner’s circle of connection. But it’s ultimately up to you to find a personally unique design and approach that allows you to celebrate as you name it, claim it, and frame it.

Bounce Back

You should never dismiss your achievements, or take its rewards for granted; and do not cover up or downplay life’s victories, big or small. In fact, they should be recognized, and can be used to help you bounce back after you stumble. These victories can serve as reminders to hang on through desert seasons and frustrating plateaus.


They can stand as testimonials to the value of perseverance as you pass through periods of adjustment when learning new skills, making changes in support personnel, trying out new material, or undergoing a physical move to be closer to additional resources that will help advance your voice-driven career.

On The Right Path

So, you need to create a display area that represents your personal and professional victories, and serves as a positive reminder of the career path you’ve chosen. This should include anything that represents a leap of faith or a boost in confidence, especially if it’s involved overcoming a fear, learning a new skill set, or having talents and gifts acknowledged.

Positive Energy

This literally becomes a shrine of sorts that offers evidence of your positive impact, personal worth, and creative potential. Anything that you have achieved that resonates with pressing on, trying something new, pushing the envelope, and feeling a sense of accomplishment must be included, acknowledged, and available as a resource to tap for encouragement, gratitude, and positive energy.

Encouraging Words

Allow yourself to be uniquely creative in crafting the design for your winner’s circle of connection. Include photos of personal heroes, celebrity autographs, special awards, certificates, trophies, encouraging words from those you respect – anything that gets you pumped, lifts your spirits, and boosts your continued resolve to succeed should be included.

An Extra Push

Keep a record of achievements and share accounts of these victories with your mentors, members of your support team and mastermind brainstorming group. Pay special attention to behaviors, practices, triggers, and attitudes that tend to give you that extra push you need to try something new, improve your skills, take a few extra risks, and be bolder in the pursuit of raising levels of confidence, comfort, and competence.

Chart Your Singing Success

Reserve a special section in your winner’s circle to chart achievements and note progress in your journey through Brett Manning’s teaching through Singing Success, Mastering Mix, and other programs. Keep a regular record of shifts in perspective that have come from Brett’s methodology to inform the mind, acclimate the ear, and coordinate the voice. Note critical changes in range, pitch, muscle memory – and honor these key changes as vital to achieving optimum success in your voice-driven career.


For singers, any dream venues, ultimate projects, and milestone concerts should be acknowledged along with other markers that can be checked off once accomplished as they serve to validate and affirm your arrival on the road to success. For speakers, keynote events, ceremonies, and seminars should be showcased and celebrated.

Stay Tuned

Use the forums at SingingSuccess.TV to share design concepts and status reports with others on how your winner’s circle of connection is working or needs adjustment. Keep your favorite Brett Manning certified associates abreast of your progress and victories. Ask them about the positive markers they’ve experienced in their respective careers that affirm their positive impact as performers, singers, singer-songwriters, teachers, and vocal coaches.

The greater your focus on achievement, improvement, and making a difference, the higher you’ll climb, the farther you’ll reach, and the more deeply you’ll move others as you engage the unique gift of your voice.

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