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No matter what stage you're at in the pursuit of your singing success, feedback is critical in helping you define, design, and refine the image the you project along the way.

Whenever you do a live gig, solicit feedback from your audience, as well as from venue owners and staff. Then, sort through the feedback for any key points that are made most frequently.

This can be everything from onstage presence to song selection, from offstage behavior to audience rapport between songs. You can get ideas for material or image or even set pieces from the comments you receive when playing out or on the road.

Use your website as well as clips on sites such as YouTube® to get information on what works, what falls short, what’s misinterpreted, and best of all, what exceeds uyour expoectations or helps you discover more opportunities to build your career. 

Key strengths

Make sure to stick with a core circle of connection that help you find your way and stay on track as you build a reputation for quality work in the industry as a singer and performer. Also track feedback on musicianship, material, behavior, rapport, good business sense, and other elements that play into your impact as a key player in the music industry.

Comment Cards

For live gigs, create comment cards with contact info such as your website and email. Include any key questions that you feel are most pressing for you. It might be things such as, what are your favorite songs from the performance? What would you like to hear?

What makes this act different or unique? What did you not like?

If you have wardrobe or visual image issues, ask for advice. You might discover something fun to play with that can help give you a unique look that could complement your signature sound.

Hanging Out On Line

Read the comments on any clips you offer through your website or YouTube® and other online resources. Again, you want to look for the comments that come up most frequently. You can solicit more specifics from those whose comments are most intriguing.

And use your core circle of connection to help further interpret and build on suggestions and information that comes from the feedback.


Share your concerns, comments, and links to clips with the SSTV viewers of your station. Be open and available to provide feedback and share information with others. Use the products available through SSTV to develop the full potential of your unique voice. Explore live performance skills through Tom Jackson’s programs and tap into the creative potential for your songwriting skills that are readily engaged and enhanced through the MasterWriter2.0  program.

Many Hands To Open Doors

Take advantage of the network of opportunities for development through SSTV. The greater the number of helping hands, the more likely you find many open doors that lead to personal and professional growth and development that will help you secure the maximum impact of your singing success.

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