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Brett Manning likes a good challenge and he’s found one in the dynamic diva duo of Seattle’s Brooke Fox and Monti Carlo.

The two women are seeking to embark on a national anthem tour, lending their voices to their profoundly unique rendition of “The Star Bangled Banner” for pre-game festivities in high schools throughout Seattle and wherever else they are welcomed.

Brooke and Monti are the co-hosts of “The Ladies Room With Brooke & Monti” on MOViN 92.5. It is the only show hosted by women in the history of Seattle radio.

The show’s producer, Steven Boyd, is head coach of the JV basketball team at Ballard High School and suggested, or rather insisted, that that duo seek professional help in slicing, dicing, and serving up their vocal chops to their tastiest potential.

Live And On The Air

Brooke and Monti were introduced on the air by Boyd to Brett Manning, who was listening from his studios on 18th Avenue in Nashville’s famous Music Row district.

“This is someone who can see with his ears,” Boyd said, touting Brett’s ability to get the best out of even the very least.

After listening to the ladies shout out a rough rendering of “O Say Can You See,” Brett went to work.
He pointed out that they had chosen the wrong key and stopped because they instinctively knew they would not be able to get through the break in their voices.

He also pointed out that, just like an athlete going through a warm up by dribbling a basketball and shooting before a game, a singer needs to warm up before they sing, especially when it comes to taking on our National Anthem.

“It’s a tough song that requires a lot of range,” Brett said.

Warm Up Or Burn Out

He took the two through a series of simple warm-ups with scales that had the two caught between some rough spots and a crack up.

Although both Brooke and Monti joked about being tone deaf and only being allowed to sing at JV games, they insisted they are serious about hitting the road for a tour of “Star Spangled Banner” gigs before varsity basketball games.

Brett let them know that given the difficulty of the song and their lack of training, they would need to take a few more lessons.

Brett Commits To Vocal Makeover

He committed to working with the two individually to get their voices game-ready for the hard court.
He will work with both women individually via Skype to fix their voices.

Check out the women’s progress as the Master Brett works on bringing out the Taylor and Miley in the dynamic daytime duo. To hear their first “lesson” CLICK HERE.

Based on Brett’s track record, you might want to get your requests in early for the ladies to proudly shout out in reds, whites, and blues at your next high school home game.

The Ladies Room with Brooke and Monti airs every Monday – Friday from 6am to 10am on Seattle’s MOViN 92.5 and online at

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