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Mastering Mix Is A Manning Masterpiece

The program is about to be launched and the anticipation has been steadily rising, and for good reason. I’ve looked over the program and can only say that you have to get it in order to fully appreciate it. Words cannot describe its power – you have to experience it for yourself! What Brett Manning does will dramatically change your voice for the better. Let’s take this one more step: this program will forever change both your voice and life for the very best!

“I have singers say, get me into my mix that will give me a career,” Brett said, adding that his new Mastering Mix program will make high notes epic, give substance to the head voice, and freedom to the chest voice, while providing an evenness to the entire range.

Brett exudes perpetual creative energy with ideas constantly pressing on his heart, mind, and spirit for the sake of finding ways to help singers achieve greatness beyond their wildest dreams.

Ideas Inspired 24/7

Ideas for this program have come piecemeal for years, filling up on notepads, writing on napkins, tapping into my laptop, and even speaking into a voice recorder, as he said of the script that was nearly 10 years in the writing and roughly one year of recording.

Brett took the frustrations that singers using traditional exercises go through for developing mix to build exercises that generate immediate yet lasting results. He realized that the common frustration was that the results achieved through the exercises could never be fully realized and applied outside of those exercises. So he decided he had to do something to get results from the exercise to the mix.

I found myself hacking away at the keyboard every day in the studio, begging for inspiration added to perspiration to be bale to get singers to do what they need to do, as Brett said.

From Classical To Commercial

BMA vocal coach Dave Brooks understands the value of Brett’s new revolutionary system for mastering mix and sees how it can help a classical singer become more versatile and commercial, especially for female classical singers

The female singing voice tends to live in the head voice, especially true of many classically-trained singers that mainly work in theater and on Broadway. There are some classical singers that have a fuller, richer dramatic natural head voice. But if a female singer wants to become more commercial and sing contemporary music such as power ballads, she needs to move beyond the head voice by developing the chest voice and the mix.

Brooks has noticed that once singers get comfortable with the chest voice and mix their songwriting style changes as well, and they tend to want to explore a variety of genres. Vowel placement makes a big difference in the mix voice. The narrower the vowel the higher you can go.

Finding the mix is important for singers of all styles. It gives you more playing place as an artist. By using Brett Manning’s Mastering Mix program the mix can be built into a very solid and full sound. The mix can be used to sound like an extension of the chest voice or like a downward extension of the head voice. Best of all it allows you to move through your voice with the appearance of no breaks of any kind.


The Mix Defined

Deborah Smith, BMA coach based in the New York-New Jersey region. is also excited about about the Mastering Mix program and all it will do to further enhance the growth, progress, and performance of her students.

Let me give you my succinct interpretation of the mix voice, Zuke said. You need compression to bring together the vocal cords.  When you hold your breath, you automatically close the cords because no air is escaping.  You need just enough air to pass through the cords in order to create a sound (think of pinching a filled balloon and it makes a sound because you are letting out just enough air).  The finesse comes in balancing the two – the compression and the air.  I call it the perfect dance.  A chest voice has compression (your speaking voice).  A heady voice has air.  There has to be a way to transition between the two so it’s called the mix.  It’s like mixing a cake batter…you blend it long enough and it gets creamy and smooth.  Some people make the mistake of bringing the chest up too high and it’s like lifting a rock over your head…it’s too heavy and you sound like your constipated.  Others bring their head voice down too low and they sound like a bad Miss America contestant…nervous and breathy…or an opera singer trying to sing rock.”

Zuke points out that BMA coaches are trained by Brett’s method to hear exactly what the student needs and how to guide them into their mix with more ease.  She noted there are many different combinations such as a chesty mix, a breathy mix, a heady mix, and others, adding that BMA coaches can not only hear these different mixes can demonstrate them as well. The Mastering Mix program will enhance that ability for both teaches and students. The master himself agrees and looks forward to the growth his students and subscribers will experience.

Meet The Master’s Challenge

Mastering Mix will definitely challenge singers. This program isn’t easy, but it makes singing easy, as Brett said. After hearing Brett Manning perform full voice during a special concert at the end of lesson-packed day of teaching, it is clear the man knows what he’s talking about but he walks it with the will to do whatever he pleases to do vocally. Though he claims to not be a great singer, he also proudly proclaims that he makes singers great. He is thankful for the blessing of making countless singers achieve full vocal potential.

Stay tuned for more information on Mastering Mix and other exciting program packages that will soon be available to help you chart and track your singing success.