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Something that we’ve noted in clients that work with our coaches, as the singing voice gets stronger and confidence grows, their songwriting skills may be impacted in terms of exploring other genres and styles, as well as how they structure their songs. For those singers that don’t write, their choice of material may change.

Stumble ‘Til You Dance

This shouldn’t be so surprising. Think of it this way. Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? You kept wobbling, fumbling, falling off, getting frustrated, and avoiding any kind of public exposure for fear of pain and suffering beyond what you’d already inflicted internally. But then, once it all clicked, your confidence grew. Then, you had places to explore, friends to visit, things to check out, and maybe a swimming pool or ocean to pull up to for your first swimming lesson.

Creep ‘Til You Leap

Think about when you learned to drive. You stayed close to home at first. Then, even though that first long trip was challenging and maybe a bit scary, it gave you a rush, and your confidence grew stronger. Then, there were more places to see, things to do, dreams to pursue, along with campsites and potential home sites to get a feel for and claim as your own.

Vocally Yours

Everything that is offered at Singing Success can might initially evoke some fear and trembling that you think you’ll never overcome. But Brett Manning’s programs such as Singing Success and Mastering Mix, along with private coaching offers a variety of powerful, proven, effective tools, techniques, advice, guidance, information that will help you drive your unique voice to dreamscapes and backyards and stages that feel like home and heaven and beyond. These tools grow your confidence and help you explore your potential as you lay claim to your success.

Alive To Thrive

Tom Jackson’s programs on live performance skills will help you define and refine that unique design that is a vital part of your on stage experience, helping you connect with your band, accompanist, material and audience, as you deliver messages and tell stories in an entertaining, engaging, authentic manner that is uniquely yours.

Word Up And Away

MasterWriter 2.0 is a powerful tool that helps you bring songs to life, painting stories with words in their fullest, most colorful, fragrant, textured, tactile, engaging form of expression. Working with words and phrases will heighten a singer’s interpretive skills, understanding of lyrics, and offer a deeper appreciation for the messages delivered and the imagery that’s evoked with each song.

Express Your Truth

By getting more word savvy you’ll be able to text and email with greater focus, bite, humor, sass, and fire. You’ll probably find you have to more to say than you realized. It will bring more life to your singing as your voice brings more words to life.

Then your live performance skills will frame and focus, underscore and accent, punch and prod, then cradle and caress as needed, on time, as you present your gifts as Creation intended in its finest, most fully realized expression of gratitude.

Word Up And Away

Don’t be afraid to sneak outside the box for a little wordplay. Don’t be reluctant to dive live on stage and get fully fired up and focused. Don’t ever hold back the privilege to give your tears a song to sing that sets them free to flow, and your joy a melody to send heaven high and hopefully homeward.

You are what Singing Success and its programs are all apart. Make the commitment to be the full package you’re intended to be. Grow your gifts! Nurture your muse! The progress you make as your confidence grows will show fear the door and make success be that welcomed guest that feels right at home!

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