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The Internet has tons of valuable information for singers, singer-songwriters, musicians, and bands. Navigating the sea of cyberspace can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. So, we’ve a few sites to recommend as safe harbors for gathering info, feeding the creative spirit, and helping you strike a balance between artistry and business smarts.

One of the most comprehensive sites for indie artists is The site offers great tips and advice on how to sell your CD’s, citing a list of major on line distribution resources. Also available is a wide variety of music industry articles provided by working professionals to keep you informed on trends, how to get bookings, find a manager, pitfalls to avoid, handle life on the road, and countless other topics.

Getting The Gig

There are also listings for music industry jobs. This site is a great tool for helping you map out sights and sounds on your road to singing success. It is also a useful support tool for networking, helping you to identify and understand your needs from training and brainstorming to getting the gig and even getting your songs on itunes.

For singers the site provides an information rich overview of the industry with clear directions on links to follow for more specific details. Demo recording tips are offered as well as marketing and promotion advice.

A&R Worldwide

Another highly recommended site is It covers everything from artist discovery to development services that can potentially connect unsigned singer-songwriters and bands with producers, labels and publishers. The site also promotes new talent in search of recording deals and offers assistance with career direction and training.

“…we pride ourselves on assisting those looking to gain access to this business of music, helping them develop inroads and access to the global music market, both commercially and creatively.” – from A&R Worldwide, mission statement

A&R Worldwide also produces and programs its own annual international music, media, technology and entertainment conference: the critically acclaimed MUSEXPO in Los Angeles, MUSEXPO Europe and, debuting in October 2009, the inaugural One Movement Festival – Perth. The latter focuses on markets in Australia, the Pacific Rim, and Asia.

The site features a wonderful, informative blog that serves to connect you to a wide world of uniquely gifted artists that share their experience, concerns, challenges, tips, and triumphs.

This site truly makes you feel like an important part of a much bigger picture. The information and guidance provided can help you find your light, shape, and color in that bigger picture.

Coffee House Music is a division of and offers music by indie artists that are promoted to coffee houses and cafes throughout America. also sells theme related, mood music compilation CD’s created from its catalogue along with CD’s that feature individual artists. It offers a wide variety of musical styles.

Merge Records

In the summer of 1989, Merge Records was founded by Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan. It was during that summer that the two formed their band called Superchunk in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Back then their few releases were cassettes by groups, WWAX and Bricks. Their releases were soon followed by the first Superchunk seven-inch vinyl single. In fact, the seven-inch single was the signature format for Merge during the first three years of the label’s journey.

This year Merge Records celebrates its 20th anniversary. The label started as a way to self-promote while promoting the music and artistry of friends. The label still thrives (a relative term) based on word of mouth, minimal marketing overhead – just quality music from the heart (with a little head-banging to boot).

They are a remarkable accomplishment in the industry and well worth investigating. Check them out at

So there you have it. Four diverse resources for music education, gratification and inspiration on your road to Singing Success!

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