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In times of a struggling economy booking gigs may be more challenging even though historically the arts and entertainment thrive during economic hard times. So it’s a good idea to prep some song sets that are thematically event driven.


The sort of events that lend themselves to hiring singers includes weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and birthdays. There are also going-away parties, retirement gatherings, as well as a variety of corporate events including conventions, product launches, and retreats. Community events offer opportunities as well with celebrations of holidays and special dates related to the history of the town, city, neighborhood, county, or region.

Neatly Wrapped + Outside The Box

Become familiar with songs of celebration that you could pull together for a birthday party or anniversary. Get a set of love songs together for weddings and engagement parties. Think outside of the box by having break-up songs on hand for friendly divorces. Or have some songs for a going-out-of-business or getting-fired situations. You never know when someone may want to celebrate their freedom, or mark a friendly or not-so-friendly parting of the ways in a positive, fun fashion.

Proactively Pull Together

Keep your eyes and ears open to significant events in your circles of connection, whether its friends, professional peers, family, or other business associates. Be proactive about having strong song sets ready to go when the opportunity presents itself. You can even get together with other singers to provide concert services for special events with the variety of artists that you offer being a huge, unique selling point.

Hang With The Creative

Hook up with local theatre groups, and get to know as many creative people as possible in all forms of the arts and media. These people can help to provide contacts for gigs as well as trigger fresh material or new marketing concepts. You can work with other artists to do an event that’s multi-media and theme-driven. These people can provide valuable feedback and can be a part of helping you find your niche as a singer and performer.

Open For The Business

Be sure to actively engage the business community as much as possible. Many times a company is looking for some unique way to provide fun and relaxation for its staff or customers. This also helps you get a hands-on, practical lesson in marketing and other aspects of successfully operating a business.

Customize Song Sets

Think of your song sets as a showcase of products you have to sell that will move customers in some way to feel better. They may be inspired, encouraged, relieved, or simply better equipped to deal with whatever they are facing in times of economic struggle and promise. Let your singing voice become an instrument for prompting others to not only find their potential but deliver as promised to its fullest extent.

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