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Take It On The Road

So you feel you’re going nowhere or you’ve simply lost the spark, and you want to do something that shakes things up so that it’s exciting for you again? In most cases, the simplest solution is to take a break, get away, and explore something new.

But maybe there isn’t time. You feel like you really need to stick to your routine; yet, you want your routine to feel fresh and invigorating. Now you feel like giving up because you’re at a loss for what to do.

Portable Warm Up

But, there’s hope – really – and it’s easy to do and is not at all disruptive. One of the simplest approaches honors your routine while adding a little shake and a fresh twist. It all starts with taking your warm up on the road. You know you need to keep your voice supple and warmed up. It affirms who you are as a vocalist. As you warm up, you’re giving time, care, and attention to your instrument. So, why not treat your voice to a little change of scenery? You can pack a light snack, and take your warm up to the park, or to the mall, or even to a friend’s house. Then, you can treat yourself afterwards to a movie, a walk through your favorite mall, or you can visit a venue where you’d like to perform someday.

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Dare To Dream

As you warm up, indulge the dreamer in you as you see yourself taking time to warm up for opening night of your first run on the road. You can even continue your warm up as you move from spot to stop on your walk. You can engage your warm up in your car as you stop and park and then move on. You need to warm up, so why not add a little spice and intrigue to the process. Let your warm up also stimulate your imagination, creative juices, and add a bit of playful fun as you work out.

You can engage other exercises and vocal coordinations by engaging them on the road or on a walk finding exotic or unlikely locations for letting yourself play, dream, and creatively run wild.

Fresh Eyes – Other Voices

In addition, you can play with adjusting your perspective to stimulate creativity and feel more energized. If you feel you’re in a rut or you’re going through a period where you just don’t feel inspired, you might simply need to shift the focus away from your voice and turn your attention to others. A simple, safe way to do this is to go for a walk or a drive, and try to see through the eyes of some of your favorite singers. You can take their music with you and listen as you try to envision how differently these singers might perceive things that are familiar to you.

Shift + Drive

As you attempt to see your world through fresh eyes, make note of any shifts in perspective, any ideas for new material to tackle as a vocalist or new ideas to develop as a singer-songwriter. You will likely stumble across something you’ve either never noticed before or may have dismissed as being boring, not important, or in the way. As you look at your world through the eyes of other singers, you can include a visit to someplace or an environment that’s unfamiliar. It might be someplace you either tend to avoid or has no interest for you. It might be a place you’ve always considered to be off-limits for some reason.

Style Revival

As you move through the unfamiliar territory, imagine the perception of the singer or artists that you’re listening to. Once again, note any shifts in your perspective, as well as any triggers for exploring new material or for sampling new genres of music. Note any ideas for enhancing style or interpretive skills that come to mind that might get you to step out of what has had you boxed in for so long.

Jumpstart Senses

Many times all it takes is a simple shift in routine to jumpstart your senses so that you feel renewed or refreshed. Even something like relocating some normal items you see in every day life is just enough to alter your reality, so that your brain begins trying to sort things out or put it all back together. In that process where your brain starts you on a journey to find your bearings, your senses become heightened as a coping mechanism, for the sake of survival. This becomes a jolt, however slight it may be, to your system. It can be just enough to make you feel refreshed and energized. All that’s required is to take things that are routine and engage them in unlikely places.

SSTV Products

Look for unique ways to engage the many programs offered at SSTV. Think about the unlikely places where you can workout with Brett Manning’s Singing Success. Perhaps you could engage Mastering Mix in two different neighborhoods or locations such as the homes of two friends that aren’t necessarily getting along or at two competing venues – places that you feel need a bridge to help them work together more effectively and be stronger on their own as well. The strong bond you see growing between the two locations where you periodically practice then becomes a metaphor for your Mix, a part of your voice that you knew needed attention but never imagined it could become a key strength. Look for ways to have fun with your vocal workouts. Honor the unique voice that is your gift to share. Strive to keep your senses fresh, open, and welcoming as you pursue the full potential of your singing success.