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Everybody is creative. We engage creativity on a daily basis. In its purest, most basic form, it is problem solving. In its most esteemed essence or revered design, it’s marketing or even art. In any case it is something to effectively engage and enhance on your road to singing success and in your walk of personal fulfillment.

When you look at what you want to do as an artist, think of something new, something that can make a difference for the better that you can contribute. It may be your choice of material. It may be what you choose to do with the fame and fortune generating by sharing your gift. You will often need to be creative in keeping your spirits up as you face challenges, detours, or bumps in that road to success. Trust me, more likely than not, they will come, often without warning and often without any sense of fair play.

Stay Sunny On The Up Side

The first rule to follow in promoting a creative spirit is to be positive and look on the bright side. Ditch the negative self talk. Make light of it and then flip off the switch and move on. Stay positive by countering negative thoughts with opposing ideas that offer alternatives or possible solutions.

It may be something as simple as finding songs that lift you up or make you feel goofy and carefree. It may be getting out and volunteering or asking somebody to listening to your songs because you value their feedback.

You can even offer to be a sounding board for somebody else. By always looking upward for that silver lining it will give you a genuine feeling of self-satisfaction as well as a sense of place and purpose. This feeling actually invites positive feedback and appreciation from others. It can trigger new ideas, renew your spirit, and boost your energy.

Go For The Goals

Another aspect of creative living is being specific in what you want. Set goals and lay out step by step plans for pursuit of those goals. But make sure you always allow some wiggle room for bumps and boosts along the way. But you need to have those specific special plot points or markers in that road to pursuing your goal.

Set realistic time frames for both long-term and short-term goals. Believe in your ability to reach these goals, and stay excited about any challenges or opportunities that arise that weren’t exactly part of your original game plan. You never know when that monkey wrench might actually serve to tighten some loose screws that could have otherwise thrown you off track.

Ask And Receive, Then Ask For More

When in doubt, ask questions and stay curious. Stay hungry for information and guidance not only about singing or your career but about life lessons for survival. Listen to the stories of others. Do research on the singers and songwriters you admire. Get to know your hometown heroes.

Be a voracious reader and wide-world on line surfer for information. Read everything that boosts your communication skills and understanding of human nature.

Make it a habit to read about topics you know absolutely nothing about. It will help broaden your perspective and deepen your compassion. Try things you’ve never tried before but always wanted to – canoeing, scuba diving, mud wrestling, macramé – whatever – just try it! Remember that experience is ultimately the greatest teacher. If you lack experience, get it. If you can’t get it, do a little research.

Give To Receive

Visualize your goals and get cracking. Don’t sit and wait for things to happen. Use the gift of time and space to share what inspires you. Minimize your tough times and focus on what you have been given that you can share with others to make life more fun, more entertaining, and more fulfilling.

Think of this way, success for the singer requires an audience. Success in life requires someone to receive what you bring to the table or stage. Be fully supportive and generous as you care a creative path that leads straight or all over the place to your singing success.

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