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"How to Actually Hit High Notes In Songs" Webinar


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Join our Master Vocal Coach, Benny Meza, as he teaches you how to use your mixed voice where it counts: actual song singing. Additionally, purchasing this webinar gives you 30 days of our VIP membership, which gives you access to all of our systematic vocal training programs, live warm ups with our coaches, and much more!

A Note From Benny



SS360 is a systematic vocal training program that has been carefully designed after 30+ years of research and development.


Increase your range and add an octave – guaranteed! A comprehensive plan to expand the upper limits of your vocal range.


The vital program for the serious rock singer. Take your voice to the extremes, safely and effectively.


Learn to effectively mix your head and chest voice – a must for any professional singer. This is the ONLY product of its kind.


100+ vocal tips and tricks that will fix your voice. Command your voice to move rapidly and freely. Discover your true tone quickly.


Train your to hear and create harmonies with Brett Manning and Claude Mcknight (of Grammy-winning vocal group, Take 6).


A step-by-step program designed to fully develop your vibrato. A good vibrato is a vital part of keeping your voice healthy, relaxed, and controlled.


Exercises designed to restore voices that have been damaged due to over use, vocal abuse, or respiratory-related illnesses.


Hone the fundamentals of vocal training with simple and effective exercises from our flagship program, Singing Success 360.

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"If you're wanting to - get better as a vocalist, build a network of support with people aspiring to do the same, and receive interactive opportunities with some of best coaches in the world - you're not going to find a better opportunity."

Duane Reno

"I’ve used the Singing Success program for about 10 years. The VIP community is the missing link from the program and personal growth. The contact with coaches interaction, with Brett and others is the big secret of this community."

Agosto Ago Marino

"It's crazy just how well this program works. I went from an okay singer that hoped for "good vocal days" to a confident singer that KNOWS how to have a good vocal day. This knowledge is priceless!"

Jason Allender

Webinar + VIP Membership


"How to Actually Hit High Notes in Songs" Webinar:

Join our Master Vocal Coach, Benny Meza, as he teaches you how to use your mixed voice where it counts: actual song singing.

Date: Wednesday, September 27th at 7 PM Central Time (USA)

Where: Private Zoom link you’ll receive after checkout.

VIP Membership includes:

  • Exclusive Facebook Group
    • Interact with our vocal coaches–ask them YOUR questions
    • Live warmups
    • Masterclasses and Q&As with Brett Manning and his guests
  • SS360 QuickStart Program
  • SS360 – The FULL Systematic Vocal Course
  • Vocal Hacks
  • Range Builder
  • Mastering Mix
  • Mastering Harmony
  • Mastering Vibrato
  • Vocal Therapy
  • Plus…exclusive content only found here all along the way!