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by Brett Manning and Chanelle Guyton

Take your voice from classically trained to commercially viable.

Sing Commercially the right Way

Classical to Commercial fills a very specific need in the world of singing instruction: many classically trained singers sound operatic or “over-trained” when singing contemporary styles. 

However, crossing over to modern genres doesn’t have to be difficult! This program teaches you the concepts and exercises that you need to go from classically trained to commercially viable.

Style coaching: How to Express Your Unique Voice in Modern Musc

Our style masterclasses you will teach you…

  • the fundamentals of popular genres
  • improvisation to develop a contemporary “feel” 
  • how to use your unique voice effectively in commercial music

You’ll also get to watch Brett and Chanelle coach four classically trained singers through some unique “tweaks” to shift their sound into a more contemporary style. 

In these masterclasses you’ll learn how to add a compelling texture to your voice, discover the attitude required to sing rock authentically, and much more!

“Classical to Commercial” provides voice training geared specifically for classical singers wanting to crossover into contemporary styles. 

Here’s the Program

  • Seven Technique Lessons
  • Four Style Masterclasses
  • Video demonstrations of the vocal exercises
  • Style Application videos with classically trained singers
  • Vital concepts to sing contemporary music in a commercially viable manner

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